This Interior design project consists of 5BHK and is located at Bardoli city, Dist.Surat, Gujarat. The respected client himself is a reputed businessman, who came up with a brief of having renovating his old house. With a limited amount of freedom & to provide the maximum amount of space utility & aesthetics, the architect & his team decided to play with different materials, texture & colours only.

Company’s name: Nyalkarna Architects (
Founder: Ar. Jignesh P. Makwana (
Established in: 2015
Located at: Billimora, Gujarat.
Client name: Mr. Subhashbhai Nemani

Design team:
Kartik Mistry (
Jay Kashyani (
Photography: Ar. Jainee Shah (

Jignesh Makwana completed his bachelor of architecture in 2013 from HNGU, Patan. From the same institute, he completed his Masters in urban planning in 2015. After the post-graduation he started his professional career as an academic professor at RBSA, HNGU & VBPT. In 2017 he became an associated professor at “Vidyabharti Trust college, Umrakh, Bardoli.” In 2015, he started his own firm as “Nyalkarna Architects” at Billimora, Gujarat. Since then, the firm has been doing its major practices in residential & hospitality architecture, Landscape architecture & residential/commercial Interior design projects.

The Nemani House by Nyalkarna Architect - Sheet5
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  • OTLA:

The client being a businessman he needed a space for a small public gathering outside of the house for his visitors. By lowering the plinth, the parking & otla was designed to provide a space to have interaction & parking facilities combined. The green tiles, travertine tiles, teak-wood furniture & doors with Shree Radha-krishna mural makes the space warm & welcoming.

  • Living room

The living room was given a double-height volume by removing the existing bedroom above. This decision was taken to ensure that the space looks bigger & luxurious. The t.v.unit wall was cladded with Italian tiles with a brass strip inlay. The theme of having white base colour filled with teak wood veneer polish makes the living space aesthetically pleasing & calm. The glossy finished Italian tiles run throughout the entire house. The ceiling of the living room has been highlighted with wooden finish fluted panels & simple white coloured gypsum ceiling design. The ceiling was intentionally kept minimal to welcome more natural light & to make the space look bigger.

The Nemani House by Nyalkarna Architect - Sheet6
@Nyalkarna Architect
  • Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen cabinet were designed with a glossy acrylic sheet. The mint green colour cabinet & teak wood veneer panelling of the bedroom & store room door was used to contrast the whiteness of the space. The Italian Marble stone has been used as the counter top of the dining table.

  • Daughters’ Bedrooms

The daughters’ bedroom has been designed with white & pink pastel colour palette. The indirect profile light falling on curtains gives a dramatic play to its surface making it one of the important features of the design & space as well. The plenty of storage were the special requirements from the girls to store their belongings & accessories. The contrasting colours of the bed’s fabric sets the mood of the overall space.

  • Parents’ bedroom

Witnessing the love of parents for the grey colour & veneer fluted panels, their bedroom was designed with a concept of having minimalistic approach. The aesthetics of the room was achieved with white colour in base & the contrasting beige colour for bed fabric & wardrobe. The toilet wall has hidden door panelling with veneer finish fluted panel. The t.v. unit wall was highlighted with the moulding strips.

The Nemani House by Nyalkarna Architect - Sheet8
@Nyalkarna Architect
  • Son bedroom

The selection of colours was a special brief given to the architect by the son himself. By keeping this brief in mind, the son bedroom was designed to give energetic vibes to the space with grey coloured wardrobes, teal colour panelling from Hey Concrete & walnut brown veneer finish.

  • Grand parents’ Bedroom

By using the beige & brown coloured veneer with white as a base colour The grand parents’ bedroom was designed with the most possible modest & minimalistic aesthetic. The moulding strips were used on the bed back wall with decorative lights to enhance the overall vibes of the room.

The Nemani House by Nyalkarna Architect - Sheet9
@Nyalkarna Architect
  • Family sitting

The semi covered terrace was turned into a family sitting area by CNC cut ceiling lights & vertical blinds on the windows. The play of light & shadow from the rising & setting sun & the leather finish popping colours of the furniture sets the perfect mood for the gathering. The t.v. unit wall was cladded with full-body tiles with minimal groove details to enhance the element.


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