The project of a villa in Mexico is located in the dense forests near the city of Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula. The building divides the site into two zones, with a forest in front and a Caribbean garden in the back.

Project by: NOIZ architekti
Location of site: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Design team: Samuel Zeman, Andrej Šabo
Structure engineering/ site and project management: Yasushi Itami, aZen design and construction
Built-up area: 216.5 m2
Useful area: 189 m2
Land area: 1,600 m2
Photos: Pol Rodriguez

Villa Tulum by NOIZ SK architekti - Sheet3
©Pol Rodriguez

The architecture is different from the local style, but it is designed to respect local conditions and climate. The construction of the floor and roof allows for natural ventilation and shade to combat the high humidity and intense sun.

Villa Tulum by NOIZ SK architekti - Sheet5
©Pol Rodriguez

The villa features a large covered terrace as an “outdoor living room” that can be closed with sliding walls to protect against insects. Glass sliding walls replace the front and rear facade to blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior. The load-bearing walls were minimized, and the core of the house hides functions such as a wardrobe, bathroom, toilet, and laundry accessible from the exterior.

Villa Tulum by NOIZ SK architekti - Sheet9
©Pol Rodriguez

The villa was designed for the comfort of the owner and features a swimming pool in the Caribbean garden and a tower with stairs leading to a rooftop platform for practicing yoga or enjoying the view of the forests.


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