CONN Design has applied the knowledge and experience gained to produce this design, determined to turn Zenta House into a successful business model. And this is a veritably intriguing trip.

The Zenta House Coffee design is an intriguing and special design for us, to complete the design we had to precisely study the geographical position, wind- sun direction, sketch architectural shapes. with indigenous identity, using innards and surface accoutrements that are well acclimated to the indigenous climate and probing to combine 5 different interior styles in one design to easily show each style in each zone and harmonize with each other. overall harmony.

Store – Bảo Lộc, Viet Nam
Architects: CONN Design (
Area: 300m2
Year: 2021
Photograph: Tomqast
Lead Architect: Tran Thi Hong Trang
Design Team: Tran Thi Thu Huong, Tran Thi Hong Trang
City: Bảo Lộc
Country: Vietnam

Zenta House Coffee by CONN Design - Sheet4

Zenta House is a service business model, so it needs to be open to the public, serving guests and the community, so in this 300m2 land we’ve used further than 200m2 of glass for the facade of the structure. and the design of accessible transportation for guests and workers in the eatery is also a top precedence by the CONN platoon with the aisle located in the center, which is airy, commodious and fluently covers all the space. Services- products that Zenta House provides, doesn’t constitute a “dead spot” for the space, every position is employed and visited by people.

Zenta House Coffee by CONN Design - Sheet7


produce a space with a little taste of the food- coffee neighborhood with different styles from surface to innards but overall harmonize with each other to form a various and bustling small road.

Zenta House Coffee by CONN Design - Sheet9

also, The challenge increases when the design is a design with indigenous identity in terms of shapes and harmoniously combining 5 different styles in a space including Japanese, Korean, Vintage, Modern and Retro.


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