Rehabilitation of a house  from the late 60’s with the particularity of having as much interior as exterior area.

Studio Name: Blaanc Arquitectura
Design Team: Ana Morgado, Carmo Caldeira
Area: 200m2 + 200m2 terrace
Year: 2022
Location: Duque de Ávila Avenue, Lisbon, Portugal
Consultants: Enginneering – Espaço Energia e Vasco Farias Engenheiros Consultores Lda; Construction – Speisse
Photography Credits: Raquel Perdigão

Duque De Ávila House By Blaanc Arquitectura - Sheet4
©Raquel Perdigão

The project foresees a profound change in the functional distribution as the house had been temporarily divided into 2 apartments with all functions duplicated, so it required a major reorganization of all hierarchies and functions.

Duque De Ávila House By Blaanc Arquitectura - Sheet5
©Raquel Perdigão

The renovation of the infrastructures was also foreseen, with integration in the project of a hidden air conditioning system.

Duque De Ávila House By Blaanc Arquitectura - Sheet7
©Raquel Perdigão

The intervention in the exterior area included new floors, landscaping, especially along the periphery and shading.

Blaanc Arquitectura

blaanc is a design team created in 2008, based in Lisbon  and founded on a friendship that hails from university years.
After winning three international awards, their work is divided between Portugal, Brazil, Mexico and Ghana and includes international conferences, exhibitions and more than 70 publications worldwide, from Brazil to India, USA or Sweden.
One of blaanc’s main goals is to work with rehabilitation, as well as sustainable building and eco-affordable designs, with a special approach in contributing to better living conditions.


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