The 235m² duplex penthouse was the choice of artist and influencer from Minas Gerais, Sophia Mattar, who arrived in São Paulo two years ago. With the desire to live in a property with open spaces, minimalist, elegant, but above all a true haven of peace, he hired the architects Amanda Castro and Giovana Giosa, from the Studio AG office, to lead the renovation of the project.

Project Name: Penthouse
Studio Name: Studio AG

Penthouse By Studio AG - Sheet4
©Studio AG

The generous 60m² outdoor area, with a backyard style, became even more cozy after being fully integrated into the social environments. All the walls on this floor, with the exception of the structural ones, were torn down, including the other balcony, which gave space to the dining room, which provided multipurpose, relaxing and uncluttered environments.

The client wanted a flexible decoration, which would house different compositions, and that had a soft palette of colors, since her daily life is very busy. In this case, the professionals opted for light and adaptable pieces that would dialogue with each other. Soft tones, different textures from the wall paintings and natural fiber fabrics from blankets and pillows, give the monochromatic style.

The gourmet area received a eucalyptus pergola, with a patinated painting that covers the table with a hydraulic tile top, signed exclusively by the architects for this project. And he composes with the ICZero1 chairs, by Guto Índio da Costa.

Penthouse By Studio AG - Sheet6
©Studio AG

The terrace, next door, has a sofa full of pillows, surrounded by beanbags, coffee tables by Franccino, ceramic vases and plants, making the environment one of the most inspiring corners for the client, Sophia, who uses the place for her inspirations. arts and direct connections with nature.

The TV room received a wooden coating from Mollo Furniture, which runs from the floor to the TV wall, while the other surfaces received a limestone-based texture from Protécnica. The space is also the stage for pieces signed by great designers, such as:

Penthouse By Studio AG - Sheet7
©Studio AG

– Altay armchair, front, by Patricia Urquiola for Coedition, and Waterweed, by Rush Pleonsuk (background) for Sumphat Gallery, both by Firma Casa.

– Mini Pick coffee tables, by Claudia Moreira Salles for Dpot.

– Icon bookcase, by Jader Almeida.

– Gomos floor lamp, by Adriana Yazbek

– Round stool Cork, by Jasper Morrison for Vitra

– And the TV sideboard, designed exclusively by Studio AG, for the project.

Penthouse By Studio AG - Sheet9
©Studio AG

In the dining room, the Zettel’z pendant, by Ingo Maurer, from FAZ Iluminação, is the highlight, which shares space with the three Claudia chairs, by Aristeu Pires. The custom-made demolition wooden table and the bench with a wooden back and straw were also exclusive creations of the office.

The living room, next to the stairs, received a pair of Infinito armchairs, by Lia Siqueira, from Etel. And the staircase has also received spatial attention, being incorporated into the panel for continuous prominence. The outside steps, lower part, were made of stone.

The washing was a point treated as a surprise and a lot of affection. As everything in the apartment was in neutral tones, the idea was to dare a little, to take a stronger wallpaper, with life and a more botanical theme, but at the same time it was delicate. The bench was also designed by the architects and developed in concrete and metallic.

Penthouse By Studio AG - Sheet11
©Studio AG

For the bedroom, the idea was to bring a little rhythm to the ceiling by placing beams and light fixtures between them. The composition of the constructive details, with the low bed, plush rug and a log next to the bed, was to create a more oriental atmosphere, a natural rustic.


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