Apartment in a house over 100 years old. The house has a history of reconstruction and redevelopment. The floor level varies depending on the room. Common area on one level, bedroom and wardrobe on the other.

Studio Name: Odyndoodnoho
Design Team: Ihor Tykhyi, Taisiia Tykha
Area: 88.1m2
Year: 2021
Location: Kyiv
Photography Credits: Ihor Tykhyi

INGREDIENTS By Odyndoodnoho - Sheet3
©Ihor Tykhyi

The focus was on the old illuminated walls. This apartment is called “ingredients”. A hint that there are several parts that are combined in one space. The idea was to combine the old and the new. The walls are more than 100 years old and the walls are modern with a bright decorative background.

INGREDIENTS By Odyndoodnoho - Sheet7
©Ihor Tykhyi

The old stern monumentality is mixed with open, bright colors. The planning decision is outlined by two bright cubes. Pink in the hallway area and wardrobe area. The second bright cube is the bathroom inside and the kitchen outside.

INGREDIENTS By Odyndoodnoho - Sheet9
©Ihor Tykhyi

In front of the work area of ​​the kitchen is an island, compositionally united through the use of pink. The bedroom area and the wardrobe area remain neutral panels, not breaking out, leaving a feeling of peace and quiet.

INGREDIENTS By Odyndoodnoho - Sheet10
©Ihor Tykhyi

Large windows without transoms let the maximum amount of light and play the role of decorative paintings, always changing from the weather and seasons. All these are the ingredients of one original, architectural dish.]

Odyndoodnoho Studio

Odyndoodnoho Studio performs architectural and interior design. We focus on developing a “very artistic” content of works, sometimes even too much. Each work must be a carrier of individual artistic content, regardless of the large budget. This is what we do. We develop an idea and content. We make a planning decision. We develop a 3D visualization, and perform all the necessary drawings. We take care of the construction process.


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