Qorveh house is located 90 km from the center of Kurdistan province in Iran. Given the client desires, the house is designed in two separate units; a duplex residential unit and a multi-purpose private living and working suite.

Project Name : Qorveh House
Client : Fereshteh Abdolmaleki
Design : ReNa Design ( Reza Najafian )
Design Team : Maryam Najafian, Maryam Pourmohsen, Mina Nazmjou, Mohamad Hosein Hamzehlouei, Ojan Salimi, Zahra Foroughi
Construction : Mohsen Nikpey
Construction Drawings : Maryam Najafian, Ehsan Marvi, Sahar Bayat
Photography : Reza Najafian, M.H. Hamzehlouei
Structure : Ali Naghavi
Mechanical : Arash Fardyar
Electrical : Reza Baghernejad
Location : Qorveh, Kurdistan, Iran
Area : 540 m2
Site Area : 190 m2
Construction Period Time : 25 Months
Completion Date : August 2017

Qorveh House By ReNa Design - Sheet6
©Reza Najafian, M.H. Hamzehlouei

Regional studies and analysis on the typology and morphology of adjacent neighborhood in the new urban context, resulted in a form far more sophisticated and intricate than just a classic façade with two-dimensional graphic that has no architectural value.

Qorveh House By ReNa Design - Sheet13
©Reza Najafian, M.H. Hamzehlouei

Efforts have been devoted to exhibit the façade of this project as a sculptural mass made of enduring and authentic materials.

Qorveh House By ReNa Design - Sheet14
©Reza Najafian, M.H. Hamzehlouei

The rhythmic use of brick as a genuine and old material crafts a fascinating harmony, which through a combination of today’s aesthetics and forms results in a masterpiece with advanced technical details.

ReNa DesignReNa Design

Found in 2012, ReNa Design is a design group active in fields of Design, Architecture and Research. Led by Reza Najafian, the firm today consists of a group of committed architects, interior designers, engineers and product designers.

ReNa Design is a multi-disciplinary practice involved not only in architecture but in design in general. Our vision expands far beyond routines of architecture to encompass broader subjects of art and design. To us, creating a single spoon or a piece of jewelry is as exciting and intriguing as designing a skyscraper. This flexibility in design has enabled us to incorporate in our projects a wide range of innovative solutions and design processes. We are committed to exploring new methodologies that consider beyond normative conventions that dominate the contemporary practice and move towards establishing new and re-envisioned criteria and concepts for buildings and products.

Here at ReNa Design, we believe that every limit offers a potential opportunity which demands from us a new design attitude. To us, technologies that lie behind construction methods matter a great deal and we seek to introduce and promote new techniques that rely on these advanced technologies into the world of art and architecture. We work with a variety of materials ranging from conventional to advanced, which are applied in simple or complex forms, yet always the complexity lies within.

ReNa is derived from the founders name Reza Najafian, but it also bears resemblance with concepts such as Re-Design, Re-Think, Re-Name, Re-View, Re-Create, Re-Touch, Re-Form, Re-Action, Re-Vitalize etc. which represent the fundamentals of our vision and approach towards design process and towards new ways of thinking program, user, function and form.

Reza Najafian Photo

Reza Najafian


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