The apartment is situated at the top floor of a high rise building in the heart of the city, from where you can experience the modern lifestyle that surrounds it. That is exactly what we went for. A modern styled home soaked in hues and tints of greys, making it a space where, after a long day one can unwind with style. A space that is in the now and helps you take a step back from our ever so fast lives.  Modern interiors are generally associated with monochrome color palate that employs a sense of calm while feeling luxurious.  It encourages the use of clean, crisp lines with materials like glass and metal that are used in abundance. This helps in highlighting numerous elements of the space. Our main vision for this project was to achieve beauty through simplicity.

Project Name: Pushkar Penthouse
Studio Name: Designer’s Circle
Project: 10th floor PUSHKAR
Location: Ahmedabad, India
Size: 3386 sq ft.
Typology: Duplex Penthouse
Number of Bedrooms: 4
Interior Design Firm: Designer’s Circle
Person to whom quotes should be credited: Ar. Rajesh Sheth & Team
Photography Courtesy for the images: Maulik Patel; Inclined Studio

©Maulik Patel; Inclined Studio

Kind of Home owner

The home was designed for a middle aged couple, their 2 young daughters and their grand-father. Keeping in mind the busy lifestyle of this family, we thought of using neutral colors with subtle undertones, an attempt to make the life indoors peaceful and that rejuvenates you for another day in the fast paced life. The design style, thus revolves around creating a comfortable and user friendly space for the client, keeping the aesthetics high end and opulent.


Materials are the backbone of any design and so we have, very carefully curated our material mix to fit our client’s profile like a puzzle piece. We have used metal, glass and smooth surfaces to achieve a sleek and a sophisticated look. In more personal spaces like the bedrooms, leather has been used to make the space feel warm and cozy while maintaining a luxurious look.

Apart from materials like metal and glass, we have used wood in a way that it does not draw attention by using polish that matches the shade of the metal. This was done to create a homogeneous background, where the people residing themselves are highlighted, making each moment memorable.

Standout Feature

The main feature of this house is the flooring. The layout of the space is narrow and linear and to accentuate that we have used the Herringbone tiling pattern. Upon entering you feel the scale and the shape of the house and the tiling patterns plays an important role in doing so. The evident choice of flooring allowed us to play light in furniture and upholstery of the house. The styled and exquisite furniture creates a breezy look and keeps the apartment lagom.

©Maulik Patel; Inclined Studio

From the entrance, one can see a long passage, but to break the monotony there is a very strong vertical element. The staircase is placed in a way that gracefully divides the house into different zones while making a bold statement. It acts as a buffer zone between impersonal zones like dining, living and personal zones like bedrooms. The staircase is made by clear glass, metal and wooden planks. All three materials skillfully fuse together to transform a basic necessity into a statement piece.

Tour of the home

Simple and classy, the house stands out to be a clear definition of that of a typical modern grey house. As we enter we are greeted by an elephant canvas painting wall which happens to create a  bold  statement in the vestibule. It is believed that  using elephant symbolism in and around one’s household will invite good luck and fortune into one’s home. Power , success, wisdom and experience are the other positive energies  that come in with the elephant depiction. Ideally the   L- shape façade at the entrance was the perfect place in the entire house for the canvas. After the painting, the canvas merges into a hidden storage unit , making a cozy corner at the entrance. The vertical white metallic divisions between the canvas  merges with the ceiling depicting a flow of connectivity between the two surfaces.

As we move ahead, we reach the drawing room facing Living and Dining room which are vaguely separated by a division of shelving system that quietly merges with the wall. The Drawing room accommodates sitting for 9 people with indirect lighting in ceiling highlighting the sitting space with a touch of warmth and elegance. T.V unit in the Living room with a background of silent shelves between the walls form a bridge of correspondence between the two main spaces of living and Dining .Wall Décor and other accessories here further adds to the aesthetics complementing to some significant elements Adjoining to dining is the kitchen area designed keeping in mind client’s priorities, since it requires maximum storage with ease of circulation.

Moving from the living room, we reach the staircase that serves a main element to connect to different zones of the house. Here the spaces are further bi-furcated into 3 bedrooms and 1 bedroom upstairs. Out of these 3 bedrooms, 1 is the master bedroom which is kept suttle with use of silent furnishings and some table top accessories. The Canopy bed  is  placed right at the centre of the room to break the monotony of its calm features. Wall Planters and the view of the city from the attached balcony gives an extended version to the space. Adjacent to this room is the Father’s room and daughter’s room , designed as per their individual priorities and taste.

©Maulik Patel; Inclined Studio

While going upstairs, we see an attached balcony of the bedroom through a glass puncture in the wall. This glass façade allows much of natural light to flow in this area for circulation, making the area look bright and lit up. The green elements of plants in the balcony here makes it aesthetically soothing and refreshing .The first thing that we notice here after going up is a wall with some engraved design patterns    attached to some metal shelves that serve as an ideal platform for displaying table top accessories. The wall here originally is not a wall but a hidden cabinet for storage treated to look like one in disguise. Here we further branch out to daughter’s bedroom on one side and terrace garden attached with a home theatre on the other side. Aesthetics of another daughter’s bedroom are selected keeping her preferences in mind, henceforth we have given a comfy carpet flooring with a soft upholstery tufted platform bed with a canvas wall painting at the backdrop.

Interesting room

We believe that Living and Dining rooms are the most interesting rooms of the house since it’s a place where all the members of the house will gather and spend most of their time at recreation. Both the spaces stand out as individual spaces yet connected with T.V unit shelf divider in between. Dining Light justifies to be a main focal point of that devouring space. Wall art and accessories futher adds to the spaces making them look all in one or one in all.

Choice of Furniture & Furnishings

The overall furniture style of the house oozes out to be as individual elements of significance yet forming a style composition when paired with other furniture pieces. Sofas and armchairs of drawing, living area are characterized by their fine blend of gracefulness, charm  and delicacy . The furnishings selected for the overall furniture are such that it successfully blends with the ambience and monochrome nature of the house. Use of natural leather dominates over soft fabrics serving as a bold statement in the house. Centre table tops  , dining top , T.  V units and kitchen top are all covered with stone of different characteristics selected as per functionality of the space.

Décor Aesthetic and Reasoning

Décor as we say adds the most to any interior style. We have played with sleek decorative lights and table artifacts for the house. As we enter, we see the style statement elephant canvas crafted beautifully with metal section ceiling and suspended lights, making the corner eye-catching. The elegant dining light is as simple and exquisite as it could be, but adds so much more to the area in whole.

©Maulik Patel; Inclined Studio

The classy T. V. stone unit is highlighted just through a backdrop of those adjoining shelves and artifacts on them. The magnificent floor painting and sculpture placed opposite the staircase adds more to the tranquility of that space .Such décor can be seen throughout the house and how it highlights every bit of it.


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