The design started with the analysis of the particular location of the site, the surrounding landscape, and the user needs. A variety of trees and spectacular mountains encircled the flat land where the house was to be situated.

Project Name: TA House
Architect Name: Yerce Mimarlık
Client: TA
Location: İzmir
Design: Yerce Architecture
Program: Dwelling
Year: 2018
Size: 500 m2
Status: İnşa aşamasında
Team: Ayça Taylan, Barış Çağlar, Nail Egemen Yerce
Visualization: Barış Çağlar, Tarık Keskin
Construction: Nano İnşaat

TA House by Yerce Mimarlık - Sheet1
Yerce Mimarlık

User demands pointed to the creation of a comfortable home offering the possibility of uniting with nature in an utmost manner when needed and to have large, well – lit spaces where guests would be hosted and enjoyable time spent.

Going along with these requests, transparent and sliding surfaces as much as the program allowed were designed. These big transparent and sliding surfaces enabled the meeting and integration of the inner spaces with the surrounding nature in a maximum way.

TA House by Yerce Mimarlık - Sheet3
©Yerce Mimarlık

The immediately surrounding outer spaces, where the user would spend time for different daily activities, were designed by careful consideration of the composition of inner spaces, climatic data,and the correct orientation.

The spaces where daily life was expected to be spent were planned with high ceilings and in a close relationship with outer spaces.

TA House by Yerce Mimarlık - Sheet4
©Yerce Mimarlık

While the infrastructural elements which were to fulfill the inner comfort conditions were designed with fine, hidden details, user needs and taste found their correspondence in the creation of the TA house, which stands in harmony with nature.


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