The Boeira Garden Hotel is modern equipment that opened on January 2020, in Vila Nova de Gaia city, northern Portugal Designed by the Portuguese architecture office Arq2525, headed by the architect Miguel Miranda, it’s embedded in the historical gardens of Quinta da Boeira, a winery from the beginning of the 20th century.

Studio Name: Arq2525, Portugal
Design Team: 
Arch. Miguel Miranda
9000 m2 inside previous Garden 27000m2
2017 – 2019

Location:Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Photography Credits: 
Arzich da Gama Photography
Other Credits
: Hilton Group Hotels

Hilton’s Boeira Garden Hotel by Arq2525, Portugal - Sheet5
©Arzich da Gama Photography

The permiss was to combine both, the pré-existential secular building with the new facilities in a harmonious way.
Concrete blocks containing the different hotel spaces functions are well disposed along the winery, with minimal lines, integrated into the terrain morphology, simply relating with each other.

Hilton’s Boeira Garden Hotel by Arq2525, Portugal - Sheet7
©Arzich da Gama Photography

The hotel starts only some meters after we pass the main entrance, through a tree corridor, slowly welcoming us to meet the new space.
Ducks and gooses are freely walking along with us as soon as we start to see the hotel lobby always surrounded by native tree species and others that were brought from abroad.
The concrete material language is imperative, the blocks with their minimal looks, combine themselves in a sculptured way through the entire space.

Hilton’s Boeira Garden Hotel by Arq2525, Portugal - Sheet9
©Arzich da Gama Photography

Marking their presence, and aging well at the same time, with this exposed concrete, the hotel seems to be merging slowly into the pre-existential winery.
What it seems like some kind of low profile presence on the outside, contrasts with the five-star hotel that the Hilton brand got us used to, welcoming the guest with a lightful lobby, with golden tones paved with white marble.
The simple yet luxurious feel spreads as we walk towards the front reception and the rest of the facilities.


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