CZD HOTEL is located on the front of Dameisha beach, Shenzhen, China. CROX is responsible for it’s design. The hotel building blends with the hillside, facing the sea, and the landscape and the environment fit together. Designed under the theme of the sea, designers used methods in avant-garde natural way to outline the inner context and feelings of modern urbanites on vacation.

Studio name: CROX
Design Team: C.R.Lin, Bentao Li, Sheng Yao, Yihan Lu, Yuhong Ma, Mengdie Yu, Jinping Luo, Yu Chen, Qiong Wang
Area: 16394m²
Year: 2019
Location: Shenzhen, China
Photography Credits: Chi-shou Wang (BLAKE), ZOOM Architecture Photography

CZD Hotel by CROX - Sheet6
©Chi-shou Wang (BLAKE), ZOOM Architecture

“The sea is very varied. Unlike the land, it is a free and unconstrained world.” CROX team loves to observe the changes of the ocean, and uses imagination to present it in a poetic way. CROX team believes that the point of designing CZD HOTEL is not about how precious and gorgeous the materials are, but the adventure and surprise, to create a living state. The public space is based on the concept of the waves, lines perfectly circle the functional areas of the lobby, bars, restaurants, etc., creating the all-around aesthetic and dynamic scene. The desire to ocean are awakened by waves. The flowing space incorporates their desires, at the same time, they can have a direct dialogue with nature and become a true artistic ontology. This space like a dreamy journey for travellers, as if those travellers stepping into waves.

CZD Hotel by CROX - Sheet8
©Chi-shou Wang (BLAKE), ZOOM Architecture

The undulating curved wall are connected upwards as the top, with the ocean-current-shaped tubes, giving the rhythm of the sea into the lobby, creating a free atmosphere, so that the exhaustion of long-journey disappears when entering the hotel. The rest area is a cosy bar with piano, creating scenes of the waves are beating on the beach. The staircase above the bar towards the multi-functional area. The public space on the second floor is a gallery with the layout of the coastal blisters. Each arc body is a unit with different function. While meeting the needs of use, it also fits in the marine culture.

The restaurant presents a free style in the same design language, and the open space allows the natural light to penetrate from the outside without hindering, echoing the curved design of the building. The dining room is divided by fluid glass to create a transparent dining experience.

CZD Hotel by CROX - Sheet10
©Chi-shou Wang (BLAKE), ZOOM Architecture

The corridors flowing like a stream of oceans open the prelude to the guest room area, and replace the decorative paintings with the three-dimensional traditional Chinese painting. The rooms are elegantly designed with a fresh white base and two different blues sampling the deep sea and shallow sea color. Those colors create a fresh and elegant atmosphere. Carpets of every room are wavy and harmoniously resonates with the sea view outside the large terrace, which is an unique experience of the a seaside hotel. The roof garden makes concepts of the water, whirlpool into actual curved shapes. Outdoor furniture are freely placed, the surrounding green plants, the stones and the pool are arranged to blur the frontal coastal boundary, which allows people easily transfer the busy to leisure state in the resort.

CZD Hotel by CROX - Sheet11
©Chi-shou Wang (BLAKE), ZOOM Architecture

The fun of travel is to experience different worlds. CROX has created a unique design through the observation and interpretation of the sea. It has opened up a narrative pattern for CZD HOTEL to make people feel the flow of time and space. Stay here, and you can embrace the whole sea.


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