The “Radisson Collection Hotel, Palazzo Touring Club project, curated by Studio Marco Piva for the development of its architectural and interior design, involves an entire historic building in the heart of Milan, the one of the Touring Club Italiano (TCI), the major Italian national tourist organization that promotes the values of travel.

CLIENT: Igefi Srl _ Radisson Hotels
BUILT UP AREA: 5400 sqm
DATE: 2019 – 2021
PHOTO CREDITS: Andrea Martiradonna

Touring Club Hotel by Studio Marco Piva - Sheet6
©Andrea Martiradonna

Studio Marco Piva’s project aim was preserving and enhancing the historicity of the palace, also partially maintaining its original functions, but giving it a new life, transforming an office building to a 5-star hotel.

One of the most important design features consisted in the redevelopment of the historic building, built in the early 1900s, while giving it a new cleaner and more contemporary appearance.

Touring Club Hotel by Studio Marco Piva - Sheet7
©Andrea Martiradonna

As for the interior design, most of the hotel has been custom designed starting from a deep analysis linked to the theme of travel: both the materials and the types of furnishing elements, in the references of the finishes and in the details, recall those which are in the common imagination elements related to travel and the founding history of the Touring Club Italiano. The sign of the circle, for example, which we find recurrently throughout the hotel, such as in the decorative lighting, is linked to the idea of the world map and to the bicycle wheel. The use of leather, for all the headboards or as a material insert, refers instead to the iconography of the suitcase and its straps.

Touring Club Hotel by Studio Marco Piva - Sheet9
©Andrea Martiradonna

The hotel houses 89 rooms, a little SPA and a gym. The public areas, are open to the needs of guests but also to those of citizens, travelers or workers in transit: the building return to being a point of reference for the city and its inhabitants.

With this project Studio Marco Piva created a strong synergy between culture and history, contemporaneity and authenticity, to led the place to a new aesthetic and emotional experience.


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