Standing tall right in the middle of the scenic hinterland of Amby Valley is Casa Amby, a bungalow that offers a rich visage of the natural offerings from its interiors to serve the city folks who come in search of serenity and peace.

Photographer: Isha Shah
Location: Amby Valley
Month and year of completion: November 2020
Square footage: 5000 sq. ft

Casa Amby by KNS Architects - Sheet3
©Isha Shah

Built on a plot with an area of 20000 sqft, the house was reimagined and developed into an edifice having a built up area of 5000 sqft. The bungalow exudes luxury and grace while keeping it mellow and affable. The stand-out feature of the design is that the interiors were thoughtfully designed using upcycled materials provided by the builder. Kanhai Gandhi, principal architect of KNS Architects, says that the project challenged them to optimally use upcycled materials to reduce carbon emissions by 86%, in comparison to the conventional houses.

Speaking of the design of the project, Kanhai says that to mark a contrast to the interiors from its green exteriors, they stuck to a neutral colour palette and shades of the earth. The idea was to generate a sense of space and expanse and an enhanced homely experience for the clients.

Casa Amby by KNS Architects - Sheet5
©Isha Shah

Diving into the intricacies of the project design, Kanhai says the surplus marble available from a different site was cut down into strips to design the powder room resulting in an unintentional eclectic pattern. The kitchen counter optimally used the paver blocks for its creation. The carefully fixed exposed wiring in the dining area adds an artistic feature to the standard lighting dangling from the facetted ceiling, complementing the ethos of the house.

The long-tear-shaped sparkling light beautifully adds an ethereal sense to the staircase. Instead of incurring the cost of new furniture, the client has wisely reused their furniture from their own ancestral home, which happens to match the décor of their new abode. The blue and orange tinted upholstery adds a tinge of colour against the beige-painted walls throughout the house.

Casa Amby by KNS Architects - Sheet6
©Isha Shah

The black-painted porch right at the entrance of the house adds grandeur to it, which is led by a driveway made from the residue of other sites forming attractive patterns.

Essentially, the space was designed keeping comfort and elegance in mind. Modest luxury, clean lines and use of exquisite materials and artifacts were the key factors to deigning this space.


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