The project was designed as a place for cold pressed juice and light healthy meals.

The plot is located in the center of Bucharest surrounded by tall residential buildings. The irregular shape of the structure follows the footprint of a derelict structure that previously stood on the site and functioned as a Turkish cafe.

Project name: Juice Bar Cabin
Company name: Not a Number Architects
Project location: Bucharest, Romania
Completion Year: 2014
Photo credits: Cosmin Dragomir
Project Architects: Ermis Adamantidis, Dominiki Dadatsi
Design Team: Maria Avramidou, Naya Moutaftsi, Aliki Iosafat

Juice Bar Cabin By NANA (NOT A NUMBER ARCHITECTS) - Sheet2
©Cosmin Dragomir

The central idea of ​​the design was to emphasize the particularly small scale of the building in relation to its immediate urban environment. This prompted us to imagine the Juice Bar as a cabin in a noisy urban landscape that will invite passers-by to a warm space of relaxation and rejuvenation.

A large monastic table in the center is the main organizational element of the interior space while the kitchen area is separated from the serving area with a rectangular wooden canvas that functions as a library.

Juice Bar Cabin By NANA (NOT A NUMBER ARCHITECTS) - Sheet4
©Cosmin Dragomir

The color pallet consists of two materials in their natural shades, the cement mortar and the spruce wood which covers the interior entirely thus unifying the ceiling with the walls.

Juice Bar Cabin By NANA (NOT A NUMBER ARCHITECTS) - Sheet6
©Cosmin Dragomir

To the exterior, the cabin’s walls are uniformly coated in standing-seam black sheet metal, lending a dark and monolithic quality to the building and emphasizing the large openings towards the street. The only exception is the cubic booth for takeaway service which is covered with the same spruce boards thus blurring the boundaries between the inside and the outside.


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