Bemse Group’s popular transformation project in the city center, is considered as a go-to place for the neighbourhood. Neowe was tasked to design a restaurant that would bring nature, handicraft and warmth to the downtown. Team inspired by Cuban colonial architecture. They focused on typical townhouses in Havana, which were fitted with colonnaded porches and metal bars. Brand identity incorporated traditional features such as patios and decorative tiles into Havana inspired space.

Project Name: Lou Cafe Bistro
Studio Name:
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Photography: Fethi Mağara
Project size: 1500 m2
Site size: 1000 m2
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 5

Lou Cafe Bistro by Neowe - Sheet1
Exterior View ©Fethi Mağara

The trick is to provide privacy while allowing light, air and appealing cityscapes to filter through. Team layered in foliage to create organic interest, dampens noise and offers natural environment to the visitors. Former concrete building is used as a canvas to infuse the typical Cuban colonial-style architecture with the aesthetics of the brand. Neowe interwove the interior and architecture with natural, handcrafted and warm materials.

The lower terrace focused on the heritage tree and all the elements intertwined around it. The plywood counter top installed manually on site by the craftsmen. Built in seating area is covered with hand-made ceramic tiles which are merged with the brands identity. Specially designed lighting fixtures are harmonized with the foliage.

Lou Cafe Bistro by Neowe - Sheet2
Dining Area ©Fethi Mağara

Ground terrace is creating the perception of colonnaded porches. Metal bars and the cast iron gazebo emphasize the Cuban ambiance. The balconies with the custom -made handrails resemble open terraces in Havana. Tents are mimicing the large window of Old Havana. The mouldings are to emphasize the arc forms which is created with the tents. Building and the structures are connected with the color scheme and similar geometries.

Handmade ceramic tiles and the landscape dominate the outdoor area. Nature invades the façade with the hederas. The pink exterior and the green color of the plants elevate the brand identity. Neowe also collaborated with the local furniture company, lox design. Their well-known “Ankara chair by David Fox” is enhanced with the fabrics designed by Neowe.

Lou Cafe Bistro by Neowe - Sheet3
Bar ©Fethi Mağara

Pink paint is taking over interior space. Ceiling connects all the spaces with wood panels. Bar area differentiate with the pink wood panels, the handmade concave ceramics and the brass counter top. Neon lights and their reflection on the walls create photo worthy moments.

Lou Café Bistro deftly merge its exterior by creating a space that appeals to all senses. As a contrast to former state glass, steel, and concrete interior, The restaurant features a palette of natural and handmade materials such as hand-formed clay tiles, pink venetian painting and wood panels to soften the space. Neowe’s favorite features include Heritage tree and the sitting surrounding the space which offers an escape point for the visitors.


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