The first Crowne Plaza flagship hotel in China has been settled in Shenzhen, featuring “WorkLife” rooms. CCD was invited to conceive its interiors. By adopting innovative design approaches and modern style, CCD team interpreted the cutting-edge lifestyle in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

As the first opened hotel within the international 5-star hotel complex in Expo Bay of Shenzhen, the project will set a new benchmark for Crowne Plaza properties in China.

Project name: Crowne Plaza Shenzhen WECC
Design Firm: CCD
28,000 m2
Completion time: May 2020
Photography: CCD

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen WECC by CCD - Sheet1
Pool Side ©CCD

Compared to conventional hotels of the brand, Crowne Plaza Shenzhen WECC showcases a brand new image which is younger, more modern and stylish, with colorful hues and fun details. It aims to provide today’s modern business travelers with superior and dynamic experiences.

Creative, modern and stylish
The hotel is highlighted by a suspended infinity swimming pool, which is the first one of its kind in China and gives a first impression of the cool coastal city. The creative combination of contrasting materials and elements, including solid cement walls, transparent glass, soft water and warm sunlight, produces unexpected effects.

The entrance canopy features 5-meter-high water curtains, which greet guests with a cool and refreshing atmosphere. As night falls and the temperature goes down, the canopy area is illuminated by lighting, which creates charming and unique visual experiences. The entrance appears indistinctly and keeps a low profile, which embodies oriental Zen atmosphere and helps relieve the fatigue in business trips.

The simplistic and neat lobby incorporates subtle design ideas. The intersecting of transparentacrylic strips and timber conveys the designers’ understanding on modern business elites’ life, which embraces infinite possibilities. Their life is not a straight line. It’s the interweaving of work, daily life, interpersonal relationship and family, etc. that contribute to their wonderful life.

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen WECC by CCD - Sheet2
Kitchen ©CCD

With concise lines and surfaces, the staircase stretches upwards in a twisting manner. It showcases a powerful aesthetic and echoes airplane cabins. The combination of stairwell and hanging art installations creates a fascinating scene. As guests look upwards and downwards, it offers different visual experiences, either vigorous or playful.

The design enlivens the space, and enables it to encounter with sunlight and poetry of the city. The layout of the lobby bar is flexible. Furniture of different forms are flexibly combined and arranged, thereby generating new and integrated working, socializing and living scenes. Wooden grilles enclose an independent yet shared bar, which keeps business travelers productive.

Restaurants: cool versus warm
The all-day-dining restaurant is like a light, dynamic and fresh condiment, which supplements energy for guests. The azure woven screen is a visual highlight, which resembles rippling sea water and provides refreshing visual experiences.

The Chinese restaurant is ebullient and lively. Red bricks made of fired clay feature a simple, warm tone, which contrasts with translucent acrylic and round pendant lighting fixtures above dining tables, together rendering a modern aesthetic. Gauze-like screens reveal scenes indistinctly, integrate the real and the virtual, and allow guests to immerse themselves in a fabulous dining atmosphere. The meticulous interior design injects infinite vitality into the austere bricks, while the interplay of light and shadows enriches the expressions of the space.

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen WECC by CCD - Sheet3
Bathroom ©CCD

The ballroom is connected to outdoor landscape. Neat and clean designs, beautiful play of light and shadows, preciseproportions at vertical and horizontal levels, dialogue between structures, as well as meticulous material treatment, all contribute to shaping the elegant space.

Executive lounge
Large surfaces of different colors add an artistic touch to the space, and form a three-dimensional geometric picture in combination with interpenetrating blocks.

Hotel is the home on the road. The design of suites is a combination of quality and exquisiteness, which pays attention to details while at the same time shaking off complexity. The clean bedroom area seems to float in the air, making guests feel completely relaxed.

WorkLife rooms
Based on the new standards of WorkLife guest rooms at Crowne Plaza, CCD turns the imagination about an ideal flight into reality, incorporates flight aesthetics and elements such as first-class cabin into the space, in order to bring brand new experiences to modern business travelers. With full consideration of style, functionality, flexibility and privacy, the team divides the room into four functional areas for working, sleeping, leisure and washing up. Each guest room provides an adaptive working environment, in which the guests can stand, sit down or choose a more casual manner to work. The overall design creates a comfortable, warm and relaxing atmosphere, which keeps guests both rested and productive.

About CCD 

CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK) was founded by Mr. Joe Cheng.Mr. Cheng is an outstanding designer who specializes in hospitality design and who has worked with most of the high-end international hotel brands. CCD’s elite team, with its detailed design knowledge, international experience, and management skills, is poised to provide top quality services and product to its clients. The diverse background of the team and its technological expertise allows it to keep abreast of new directions and innovations in the industry. CCD is ranked as#3 in Hospitality Giants 100 featured in US Interior Design magazine in October 2013—the only Asian design firm to break into Top 75.

Besides, CCD has been recognized as one of the “Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands” in 2019, and “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” in 2020, which was the first and the only design brand on both list.

Since establishment, CCD has received over 75 top-notched international design awards including the highest honor in the interior design field – ‘Gold Key Awards’, becoming the first Chinese interior designer who has won a grand slam in the hospitality design field.

CCD has always been the icon in the hospitality design field, with the whole industry chain operation mode (pre-consultant, architectural design, interior design, to electromechanical, lighting, logo, softcover, art, etc.) covering hotel, corporate, commercial complex, and high-end residential design. Actively innovate commercial and luxury home design, and create a smart home design laboratory to integrate the latest scientific and technological research and development results, applying to the in-depth development of CCD interior design.

Since its establishment, CCD has successively provided interior design and consulting services for more than 20 international hotel management groups, such as Marriott, InterContinental Hotels Group, Accor, Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Alila, Diaoyutai MGM, Wyndham, more than 50 international brands and more than 100 luxury hotels. CCD will continue to encourage the development of hospitality design in China.


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