Club InterContinental of InterContinental Shenzhen Dameisha Resort is located on the spectacular coastline of Dameisha Beach, Shenzhen. Superior natural environment, architecture facing the sea and exquisite interior experiences together make for a unique hotel.

Project Name: Club InterContinental of InterContinental Shenzhen Dameisha Resort
Project Location: No.9 Yankui Road, Dameisha, Yantian District, Shenzhen, China
Design Firm: CCD / Cheng Chung Design
Photo Copyright: CCD / Cheng Chung Design


For this transformation project, CCD is responsible for a wide range of disciplines, ranging from landscape, architecture, MEP, lighting to interior design, hence ensuring close connection among landscape, architecture and interior.

Architectural Transformation

”Dialogue between city and nature, integration between courtyard architecture and sea” are the spiritual core of architectural transformation. The goal is to create a rare waterfront building in the city and guide guests to enter a pure living environment, experience a pleasant lifestyle as well as return to nature and the humanistic spiritual world.

Club InterContinental is transformed from two separate L-shaped buildings, which were built by an US architecture practice and formerly used as a private club. The conditions, framework and concept of the original buildings were favorable and excellent. Especially, the quality lighting design made the entire space transparent. Therefore, CCD doesn’t transform the buildings too much, but enriches the architectural form by adding a corridor above water, waterscape at the front yard, a hollow courtyard, an inner yard, an infinity swimming pool, glass boxes and a box-shaped specialty restaurant. In addition, CCD team links the two independent buildings together, to connect different spaces and create fantastic experiences, much like visiting a garden.

Garden Landscape

Different from previous large-scale projects that CCD approached, this project has a small scale but is exquisite as well. The hotel has merely 62 guest rooms in total. However, garden landscape and courtyards extend throughout the architecture, and guests can embrace waterscape, trees, lawns and daylight all the time.

“Hospitality experience doesn’t start after entering the hotel but before arriving.” — Joe Cheng, Founder of CCD


Before transformation, guests could directly drive into the main building and checked in. However, CCD hopes to bring different experiences, and therefore suggests the client to separate the main building and the drop-off area and add a long corridor to connect them. Plant screens beside the corridor and columns form a sense of order.

Reflective waterscape is set on the two sides, with a camphor tree planted above water surface. Besides, the stove makes guests feel warm, even they arrive at night. At the drop-off area, the large canopy made of bronze panels and the wooden gate show magnificence. Moss balls, stone wall and waterscape come into view, embodying exquisite elegance of southern Chinese gardens. The above-water corridor guides guests to enter the hotel, making them feel like they’re wandering in a garden and gradually strengthening their experience.

Design Elements

CCD adopts various spatial forms such as corridor, column, screen wall, courtyard and glass box, utilizes materials featuring natural textures including steel, wood, water, stones and tiles, etc., and optimizes spatial experience, water form, light, shadows and other details, with a view to endowing the hotel with enduring design via pure architectural form and spirit.


Tile walls, natural stones, the pool and the old tree create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, which is secluded from the bustling city. The white wall is reflected on dynamic water surface, and greenery screens as well as columns show a sense of order, guiding visitors to explore the unknown and unexpected.


Glass Box

CCD adds a glass box to connect the long above-water corridor at the front yard and the lobby. The upper void of the transparent glass box is surrounded by wooden grilles, which filter daylight in, thereby enriching the layering of the space and offering warm, intimate experiences to guests.


The lobby looks like it’s floating on water. The full-height hall is complemented by French windows, which embrace the beautiful sky, ocean and outdoor scenery whilst bringing in natural light. The entire space is filled with an oriental Zen atmosphere. Classy dark-hued flooring, orderly white stone columns, gray ceiling as well as walls with gray wooden hue form a palette of black, white and gray. Natural wooden hues calm the mind, and the cozy, relaxing environment makes guests feel like they’ve returned home.

Specialty Restaurant

Sitting on the coastline, the restaurant is named “The Azure”, which means “blue” in French. As a new extension, the glass box faces the sea and is full of fluidity. Floor-to-ceiling windows at four sides provide romantic and enjoyable experiences, making guests feel like they’re beside an azure French beach.

Guest Rooms

Guest rooms are where guests relax and connect with nature. With independent terrace or French window, the rooms provide an open view to the vast sea and serene courtyard landscape. Natural wooden tones combined with comfortable furniture return the space to nature and enable guests to enjoy peaceful, pleasant time.


Infinity Swimming Pool

Built along the coastline, the infinity swimming pool extends the charming view of the azure sea and offers fantastic experiences.


CCD / Cheng Chung Design

CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK) was founded by Mr. Joe Cheng. Mr. Cheng is an outstanding designer who specializes in hospitality design and who has worked with most of the high-end international hotel brands. CCD’s elite team, with its detailed design knowledge, international experience, and management skills, is poised to provide top quality services and product to its clients. The diverse background of the team and its technological expertise allows it to keep abreast of new directions and innovations in the industry. CCD is ranked as#3 in Hospitality Giants 100 featured in US Interior Design magazine in October 2013—the only Asian design firm to break into Top 75. Besides, CCD has been recognized as one of the “Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands” in 2019, and “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” in 2020, which was the first and the only design brand on both list.

Since establishment, CCD has received over 75 top-notched international design awards including the highest honor in the interior design field – ‘Gold Key Awards’, becoming the first Chinese interior designer who has won a grand slam in the hospitality design field.

CCD has always been the icon in the hospitality design field, with the whole industry chain operation mode (pre-consultant, architectural design, interior design, to electromechanical, lighting, logo, softcover, art, etc.) covering hotel, corporate, commercial complex, and high-end residential design. Actively innovate commercial and luxury home design, and create a smart home design laboratory to integrate the latest scientific and technological research and development results, applying to the in-depth development of CCD interior design.

Since its establishment, CCD has successively provided interior design and consulting services for more than 20 international hotel management groups, such as Marriott, InterContinental Hotels Group, Accor, Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Alila, Diaoyutai MGM, Wyndham, more than 50 international brands and more than 100 luxury hotels. CCD will continue to encourage the development of hospitality design in China.


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