The Alliance Theatre, founded in 1968, is a Tony award-winning regional theatre located within the celebrated Woodruff Arts Center campus. The initial phase of work focused on the chamber, its lobby and artistic support facilities which were gutted to the original concrete enclosing walls.

Project Name: Coca-Cola Stage at the Alliance Theatre
Studio Name: Trahan Architects
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Size: 70,000 SF
Status: Estimated Completion Fall 2019
Project Team: Trey Trahan, Leigh Breslau, Scott Melançon, Brad McWhirter, Robbie Eleazer, James Babin, Conway Pedron, Ayesha Husain, Sarah Hussaini, Wenyun Qian, Andrew Fu, Sarah Cancienne


Artist Collaboration: Matthias Pliessnig
Millwork Fabrication: CW Keller Associates
Theater Consultants: Theatre Projects Consultants
Acoustics: Talaske Group
Structural Engineer: Uzun + Case
Mechanical Engineer: DLB Associates Consulting Engineers
Electrical Engineer: DLB Associates Consulting Engineers
Plumbing Engineer: DLB Associates Consulting Engineers
Lighting Designer: Fisher Marantz Stone
Graphic Design: Thirst
Life Safety: Jensen Hughes
Project and Cost Management: Cost+ Plus
Vertical Transportation: Lerch Bates
General Contractor: Hogan Construction Group

©Trahan Architects

The transformation pulled the 650 seat chamber 10’ closer to stage. The planning of the chamber optimized site lines, utilized ramping in lieu of lifts and integrated stairs to provide access to all levels. Each surface was tuned acoustically to deliver world class theatre to its patrons.

©Trahan Architects

The design team felt a responsibility to remove the separation between balcony and orchestra – challenging historic notions of segregation and discrimination. All seating zones can be accessed from every entrance within the chamber – a unifying planning feature of the Alliance Theatre Transformation.

©Trahan Architects

The performative millwork at the Coca-Cola Stage at the Alliance Theatre demonstrates materiality that is authentic and timeless in nature with respect to longevity, durability, and patina that will occur over time. The curvature of each strand of steam-bent white oak was informed by acoustical requirements. Where these strands converge they reflect sound, where they diverge sound is absorbed, creating an acoustically sound spoken word theatre.

Trahan Architects

In 1992 Trey Trahan, FAIA established Trahan Architects, and has since built a portfolio with a wide range of building types and scales, including academic, cultural, athletic ecclesiastic, residential, commercial, mixed-use and urban projects throughout the US and overseas. The firm is ranked as the #1 design firm in the U.S. for 2019 by Architect Magazine, the official publication of the American Institute of Architects. We mobilize materials and technologies to craft innovative designs that set new standards for sustainability, improve day to day functioning, and create new possibilities for social and cultural engagement.


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