Located at a street corner in the East Village of New York, Spritea is conceived as a freshly playful environment with a sense of fusion between the Eastern and Western tea culture.

Location: New York, USA
Program: Tearoom Size: 167 sqm/1,800 sqft Status: Completed, 2019
Interior Designer: New Practice Studio
Design Team: Sidong Lang, Tai-li Lee, Nianlai Zhong, Junchao Yang, Yiyi Wang, Xiufang Zhao Engineer of Record: Lam & Lam Designs D.P.C.
Photography:  Andy Chu (Interior), Yueqi Li (Exterior)

SpiriteaTea Shop By New Practice Studio - Sheet2
©Andy Chu

The space is organized based on an open layout, with a series of custom-made curvilinear banquette groups creating dynamic flow and lounge-like experience. The centrally located and carefully detailed bar island anchors the space while being highlighted by the elongated cylindrical ceiling geometry above.

SpiriteaTea Shop By New Practice Studio - Sheet4
©Andy Chu

Together they showcase the elegant process of teamaking to the guests. The selection of materials renders a gentle and fresh ambience, with light tone site cast terrazzo floor and millworks.

SpiriteaTea Shop By New Practice Studio - Sheet6
©Andy Chu

Being part of a historically preserved landmark building, the renovated storefront preserves the original structure and details of the building while blends the modern space to the neighborhood.

SpiriteaTea Shop By New Practice Studio - Sheet7
©Yueqi Li

The compact restroom reinforces the curvilinear geometries of the main space, featuring a double dome ceiling finished with light oak veneers. The curation of contemporary artworks and neon lights draws attention as one enjoys the unique tea experience.


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