The Open Church revolutionizes the traditional boundaries of religion by creating an open space infused with spirituality and light. This place breaks free from the limitations of boxed-in structures and instead represents infinity by encouraging fluidity and a dynamic atmosphere.  Located on the banks of the river ARNO in Florence, this space unites nature with human rituals, creating a venue that serves both religious and cultural purposes. The structure is made of distinct elements that are connected strongly to each other, symbolizing the strength of both individuality and communal spaces that are all linked to light, the sun, and nature.

Project Name: Open Church, Florence-Italy
Architecture Firm: Moshe Katz Architect
Project location: Florence, Italy
Gross Built Area: 2500 sqm
Tools used: autocad/ rhinio 3d/ 3d max/
Principal Architects: Moshe Katz Architect
Visualization: Moshe katz architect
Built area: 2500 sqm
Site area: 4000 sqm
Design year: 2022
Status: unbuilt/ preliminary design
Typology: Public/ Urban design/ Urban development/ Church/ spiritual & religious

Open Church, Florence-Italy by Moshe Katz Architect - Sheet2
©Moshe Katz Architect

The cross of the Open Church is designed with two arched bridges that show the void as a symbol of God and a beam of light in the center, indicating the vertical direction. The bridges connect both sides of the park, offering stunning views of the city and inspiring a higher spiritual awareness. Under the cross-section is a central stage surrounded by gradual stairs that lead to a new dimension and spiritual enlightenment.

Open Church, Florence-Italy by Moshe Katz Architect - Sheet3
©Moshe Katz Architect

These stairs represent the gradual motion we are meant to take before reaching a new vision. The walls of the Open Church are made of glass bricks illuminated by light fixtures, representing a move from matter to light.

©Moshe Katz Architect

This space is more than just a physical area; it’s a place where one can open their mind towards new perspectives and understanding. The Open Church encourages us to recognize the interconnectivity between all of us, not through limiting borders but through freedom. Join us in this revolution of limitless possibilities.


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