SATTVA is a multi-faceted centre that offers a synergetic combination of culture, public gatherings, food and retailall at one place that serves as a solution for revitalisingthe regional and communal art-forms, dance forms, theatre and puppetry of Karnataka.

Project Name: Sattva – A Social Emplacement
By: Lavanya Sujith

©Lavanya Sujith

SATTVAis a place for everyone; a place to meet for culture exchange- a multifunctional centre where one can find a good balance between the power of the collectiveness and individual expression. The main motive of the project is to design spaces that would help in showcasing the various cultures in terms of art, dance, theatre and puppetryalong with a place for social interaction, that has its main focus on people using the space.

This Cultural Hubhelps to create an environment that fosters community engagement thereby strengthening community ties. It has a series of spaces that helps people experience various activities that inspire actions and creativity and thus lead to self growthat an individual level. It also serves as a Social Hub for the community allowing the people to experience a feeling of ownership. SATTVAhelps to strike a balance between the aspirations of the community and the environment that they are familiar with, to create a new environment that is suited to their needs. It also creates a platform for the various artists from different parts of the state to showcase their talentsand provide them the opportunity to educate people.

©Lavanya Sujith

A series of interactive spaces close to nature have been designed keeping the existing surroundings in mind, along with certain spaces dedicated for cultural activities. The Cultural Centre accommodates spaces dedicated to showcase and educate the various art forms, dance, theatre and puppetry like exhibition centres, workshop spaces and classrooms. The Centre also accommodates a library; a museumtalking about the history of the various cultures exhibited; an auditorium; food courts and retail stores. The Public spaces include areas like plazas, amphitheatres, gazebos, gardensetc, that in turn help in integrating all the activities on the site.

The location of this project, is in Mysore City, the city that is popularly known as the Cultural Capital of Karnataka. It is ideally located as the majority of the artforms, dance forms and theatre have their origins around the City. The Cultural City, Mysore has a vast historyattached to it, which dates back to various centuries of the olden times, Mysore has a very strong sense of cultureand the festivals and other cultural eventsthat they celebrate represent the traditional legacycarried over for centuries of time; where people participate in these events with complete devotion and belief. The most popularly celebrated festival is the Dasara, and this was the festival that glorified the city even more. The heritage city continues to attract increased number of visitorsevery year specially during Dasara.

©Lavanya Sujith

SATTVA will just be an additionto the already existing rich culture and heritageof Mysore, attracting more people, creating a large confluence of cultures, a platform to exchange knowledge and skills, and also serve as a place designed especially for the public.


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