A variety of works of nature feature hexagons and curves, behind which is the subtle arrangement of molecules. The studio Towodesign recently completed a bird’s nest drink and dessert shop for Dr. Bravura. Based on the brand’s concept of “Research and Development for Health”, Towodesign applied regular hexagons, commonly seen in chemical formulas, to the storefront logo, the floor, walls and display stands. These hexagons, are combined with elements derived from measuring vessels used in laboratories, together creating a unique space that integrates functionality and aesthetics.

Project name: Dr. Bravura Bird’s Nest Drink & Dessert Store
Location: Shanghai, China
Type: casual catering space
Area:119 m2
Design firm: Towodesign (www.towodesign.com)
Chief designer: He Mu
Design team: He Mu, Ren Wei, Liu Xiongjie, Zheng Liyuan
Completion time: March 2019
Main materials: stainless steel, terrazzo, stone, paint
Photography: Towodesign

Dr. Bravura Bird's Nest Drink & Dessert Store By Towodesign's - Sheet24Grounded on nutrition science, Dr. Bravura serves bird’s nest drinks and desserts, and provides healthy, novel and high-end light food system that incorporates traditional ingredients. The space inherits the brand’s typical color palette, with white setting the overall tone, gold sketching the contours and light gray and pink dotted in it. Gold lines highlight the storefront, frame the display stands with geometric shapes, and blend into the chairs and decorative details in the seating & eating area. The space is outlined with the aesthetics of geometry.

Dr. Bravura Bird's Nest Drink & Dessert Store By Towodesign's - Sheet22The soul of the shop lies in the products and services it provides. On the open shelf, edible bird’s nest products are displayed like artworks, enabling the customers to know about the details of the natural ingredients and the concept of pursuing a high quality life that the brand advocates. The details of the interiors show quality and exquisiteness. Glass, metal frames and marble grains complement each other, and each piece of furniture are customized, characteristic and unique. In the seating & eating area, seats are arranged in diverse densities. And the walls and furniture echo each other and create a spatial rhythm, in contrast with the sales area featuring a sense of scientific precision, which is quite compelling to customers.

Dr. Bravura Bird's Nest Drink & Dessert Store By Towodesign's - Sheet20Towodesign is an open team which gathers a group of pioneering designers who are pragmatic and innovative. They are committed to creating impressive space experiences through in-depth study of life, and looking for bright spots that are not easily found in people’s cultural habits. Through art, vision, furniture and space, we create comprehensive and personalized interfaces for brands.


Towodesign focuses on the reconstruction of urban commercial space in the Internet era, and strives to customize brand strategy from different aspects, such as functional composition, cultural combination and terminal integration. For start-up companies, our team creates unique images that are not only in accordance with their characteristics, but are different from their competitors; and for long-established companies, we explore their new transmission values and embed those information into the overall design which takes space as the core. Finally, we realize projects through comprehensive control of details like cost control, engineering implementation, soft outfit configuration, art installation, etc.

He Mu

He Mu is the Co-Founder and Art Director of Towodesign. He was graduated from China Academy of Art and studied in NABA-Nouva accademia di belle Arti Milano in Italy. With many years of experience in comprehensive design fields, he has distinctive interpretations and expressions of brands and spaces. He is good at integrating designs among parametric digital design, art installation and commercial brand communication.

He is a senior space designer, exhibition planner and designer, and furniture designer. He was awarded “40 Under 40 Chinese Young Design Elite “, and his works has won Best of Year (BOY) Awards, Restaurant & Bar Design Award, Jintang Prize – Design of Best Commercial Value, Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards for Elites – Gold Award and Design for Sitting Competition – Grand Prize, as well as listed in ASIA-PACIFIC DESIGN and CHINA INTERIOR DESIGN ANNUAL.

Zhang Qian

Zhang Qian is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Towodesign. She was graduated from China Academy of Art. She has been engaged in different design works for many years, such as brand creativity and planning, exhibition design, interior design, soft decoration and graphic designs. She is good at the overall packaging and promotion of brand.


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