The project is located on the Ground Level of a 18 storied commercial office building at Gulshan, Dhaka. The owner had a 130.0 sqm of area on the ground level which was dedicated for his personal ventures.

Project Name: Hot Beans Pan Asian Bistro
Design and Implementation: KALEEK Consultants Limited
Principal Architect: Kazi Ar Rafiur Rahman and Khandoker Farhat Alam Prioty
Design Team: Prima Dhar
Construction Team: Shahinur Alam, Kamrul Hasan, Mamun Islam.
Photography: Md Shanjir Hossain / Photo4life

Hot Beans - Pan Asian Bistro by KALEEK Consultants Limited - Sheet2
©Md Shanjir Hossain / Photo4life

The real challenge began when the design team realized that half the space is positioned over the vehicular ramp and in order to allow head room to the vehicles underneath, this 60.0 sqm area was elevated 0.9 m resulting in a shortened 2.4 m clear height from the FCU and diffusers.

In order to maintain a uniform proportion, the Counter area was organized with a wooden finished drop ceiling.  The fixed entry to the Bistro resulted in proposing the elevated part to be the main seating area which allows 24 people to be served simultaneously. The lower half of the area was mostly the service area with designated kitchen and coffee stations along with a couple of tables for two.

Hot Beans - Pan Asian Bistro by KALEEK Consultants Limited - Sheet3
©Md Shanjir Hossain / Photo4life

The fixed glass elevations were kept as it is to welcome more customers both from the inside and outside the building. An outdoor aisle, connected to the Service area can serve up to 15 person and could be a great choice for people who likes to spend time outdoors.

The elevated seating area was finished with left out marble organized into small pieces. Intermediate Stainless-Steel lines were incorporated within the marble to assist mobility and to enhance overall reflectivity. Black matte Mild Steel was used for supporting the tables and chairs followed by wooden textured table tops and fabric finished chair tops. The true ceiling was painted black and kept exposed, showcasing the FCU, drain lines, Diffusers, etc.

Hot Beans - Pan Asian Bistro by KALEEK Consultants Limited - Sheet6
©Md Shanjir Hossain / Photo4life

A metallic structure, supporting wooden treads with dark, matte checker plate on top was installed to allow visitors to reach the main seating area. This stair bisects the Metal Louver and Fixed Glass Panels both of which balances the privacy and visibility of the entire space

The lower floor was finished with rustic tiles installed in brick pattern, keeping dark visible grout lines to enhance the natural look of the bistro. The counter tops were supported with wooden textured dry boards and finished with Black Granites.

The overall idea was to produce a dark yet comfortable ambience for the users.


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