A fleeting period in time has caught a sight of transforming composition, with architecture and its phase of representing styles over the continents. The Modern architecture that has been in the terms for a brief time, making it effectively seen through scales of varied design projects. Modernism is still celebrated as a favorable style since its emergence from the late 1920s. The Language of design that speaks in the form, effective use of the materials and space that would be utilized. With the addition of years and practice with it, it had converted and reformed with newer elements to the style. Elements that define the style of modern architecture are represented by:

  1. Clean lines on the façade,
  2. Broad roof overhangs,
  3. Use of steel frames and technologically modern materials,

For buildout.

Modernism has become a universal language for design and being approached by the commoners radically.

Influences have been explained with a timeline set in motion.

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1. Neoclassicism

Characterized from its scale and proportions, known to be a grandeur of its time in the mid18th century. It majorly surfaced with structures for churches, arches, temples, and Monumental buildings. Neoclassicism was more relevant in bringing classic architecture in a new form, carrying similar elements with the addition of ornamentation to the structure. In recent times the robustness of the form was adapted as a feature to modernism.

2. Industrial Revolution

The uproar with technologies coming through, the requirement for living standards had fore-folded. The rise of the industrial revolution factored the architecture with challenges to scale-up the features in design with introducing steel and plate glass furthermore opened up a new opportunity for bold steel structural forms and18 with cleaner surfaces. The forged steel and metal had replaced the brick, wood, and masonry work in the construction of a building. A much-known term as reinforced concrete was introduced at a brief time and has been in use to date. This changed the way of construction and had flourished in terms of architectural design for modernism. 

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3. Bauhaus

A movement started in 1919 in Weimar, which had controlled and signified the style to a completely new standard, adopted the geometric and abstract style with a very little sentimentality for the historical nods, generating inelastic angles of glass and framed steel structure and masonry. These aesthetics were favored and influenced worldwide as it was seen to be a style that wasn’t advocating any class structure or hierarchy. It was bordered by a sense of simplicity and economic stability. Bauhaus was a catalyst to Modernism as seen effectively with a major element being carried with a time frame.

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4. Art Nouveau

An ornamental style that had evolved in the west, during 1890 and 1910. It was identified with its long, curving organic lines in the freeform structure. The idea was to create a new style free of its limits to the specific geometry and appearance of cubism. The vital attributes to art nouveau were asymmetrical shapes, curved glass, mosaics, and stained glass. In the form of practicing this style, it was somewhat adding flavor to the scaled building, yet it was an important part of a legacy to modernist movements like Bauhaus, these were quite the opposite in appearance and a directive to the style adopted.

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5. International Styles

A form of style developed in the 1920s-30s in the western European region, depicting the styles of rectilinear planes, stressed plane surfaces, and open interior spaces with detached ornamentation visually bracketed surfaces. This impulsive style dictated the utilitarian architecture to testify on new materials with the economic background. Since the use of steel as a primary mold from the industrial revolution, it had appeared to be cast for newly founded skyscrapers with an addition to the technology that openly recognized its technical forefront with massive use of glass as an artistic expression towards futuristic development.

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6. Mid-Century Styles

A contemporary yet futuristic style was seen through a phase of the 1930s-60s. Characterized by the use of planes and wide opening windows. The roof was predominantly figured in geometric flat lines indicating a subtle silence in the structure. Split level spaces were carved in to have changed in elevations, that showed the activity on the exterior. It had more emphasis on the outdoors creating spaces that merged with the house, connecting the insides with the environment.

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7. Minimalism

The concept which sourced towards using minimum materials and provoking thought of built-up space over the humanized scale with the use of fewer constructed walls, using the design as bare essentials by precipitating the contents in the form. The concept emerged to be a style from movements inspired by cubism and Bauhaus, it also theorized to have maximum power to architectural space, its simple detail avoided the complications or decoration and adornments.

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8. Brutalism 

A style that celebrated the components and exposed structural surfaces, the buildings are specified by their gigantic and monolithic appearance with it still geometry, it was popularised for the use of civic and institutional buildings. The solid frames, double-height ceilings, and monochrome palette was an eye-catcher, with the voids being used as elevational features. Modernism had an outlook for this as a taste in the color and its offset features.

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Modern architecture arose as a result of the presence of innumerable styles of architecture and aesthetics adhering to harmony in composition, proportions, and forms that defy the current culture of the design. Having a take on society that looks at art, the qualities with which it has profoundly lacking with the revised styles that have been carried from the war period and disrupted the modern architecture and art that appeared as a haven and harmonious to commoners. This abstraction of people who have a mundane routine and things in order, won’t be pleased with the styles of modern architecture being beautiful or appealing. Yet they would be preaching for something that exhilarates them with a smear of color, or a formless experience, decoration, and a layer of excitement and energy


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