Good architecture is not self-serving but self-less and is all about creating designs in harmony with human nature while maintaining the integrity of the context. The essence of modern architecture is functionalism and emphasizes more on form, minimalism, and less or no ornamentation, as it gives more cognizance to materials and structure instead of idealized revival constructions and also it accommodates clever use of space through methodical designing. 

Here’s the list of 10 things that lack in modern architecture-

Cost-effective- Modern-day buildings use hi-tech materials, and new materials are invented every day with the constant improvement of technology. Initially, the cost of these materials is very high as new production and manufacturing centers i.e. factories are needed for the materials which raise the price of the materials.

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Cheapest apartment in Hong Kong costs $2675 per sq. foot.] [Source- ©]
  • Costly labors- With the advancement of technologies, the demand for skilled laborers comes in the scenario. Labors are trained after the invention of new technologies and materials which is very expensive and due to which the expense of building any structure also soars.
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Skilled labour are very costly] [Source- ©]
  • Thermal comfort- Modern buildings usually use bricks and concrete for walls, floors, and ceilings which absorb more heat. Concrete has high thermal mass due to which it absorbs more heat and also releases heat for a longer period. This makes the buildings situated in a hot climate extremely uncomfortable for the occupants.

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[Source- ©]

  • Health-conscious- Modern architecture uses materials that contain toxic chemicals and have a high risk of chemical exposure. Occupants may have a shorter life span depending on the materials used. For example, coating materials like paints contain toxic materials that decrease the lifespan of the occupants if exposed to it for a longer period.
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Toxic chemicals found in paints decreases the life span [Source- ©]
  • Ornamentation- Modern architecture is all about clear forms and lines, somehow it fails to lift the artistic soul and is more technical and practical. With functionality as its top priority, modern architecture sometimes projects and thrusts the materials like steel, concrete, etc., and the structures feel more structural and less compassionate.

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Less is more concept [Source-]
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Sleek design devoid of any ornamentation [Source- ©]

  • In sync with the context- Modern architecture is more universal and does not emphasize local culture, tradition, or context. Modern architecture sometimes tends more towards de-constructivism or constructivist which deliberately works against the establishment of fabrics and norms of design and destroys the relationship between the old and the new.
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Building in contrast with the surrounding [Source- ©]
  • Stereotyping- We consider urban buildings as modern and rural buildings as old-fangled. Every structure built in this era are modern buildings, some may lack high-class facilities especially in rural areas due to the high cost of building a structure with advanced technologies.

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Rural building with fewer amenities [Source- ©]
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Hi-tech buildings covering the skyline of the city [Source- ©]

  • Reflection of postmodernism- Arguably postmodernism has destroyed modern architecture because modern-day structures have been referenced from the past and have been furnished with irony, humor and pastiche before being presented.
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Postmodernism effect on modern buildings [Source- ©]
  • Physical orientation- Naturally ventilated buildings are very important, especially in a tropical climate. Achieving thermal comfort without the use of air conditioning has become difficult. Thermal conditions in these buildings are achieved with the use of air-conditions but with the compensation of higher energy consumption due to poor building designs in most of the tropical countries and global warming has made the issue worse.
  • Recyclable materials- Most of the materials used in modern architecture are non-recyclable and harmful to the environment. Modern buildings use materials like asbestos, lead, etc., which are very hazardous and are not recyclable or disposable, these materials harm the environment and promote global warming and pollution.

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[Source- ©]
Architecture is a technical and highly intellectual discipline that amalgamates with art but distinguished by being a useful art and should be to the people by the people for the people. The main purpose of a good architecture is to make people feel comfortable and at ease who will be occupying it rather than making it a ‘star architecture’ just for the sake of concept and art. Buildings should adapt to the needs of the beings who will be using them and not the vice-versa, and most buildings are meant to last longer so they must remain useful.


She is a budding architect hailing from the city of joy, Kolkata. With dreams in her eyes and determination in her will, she is all set to tell stories about buildings, cultures, and people through her point of view. She hopes you all enjoy her writings. Much love.

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