Morden Wharf is the last piece of the mind-boggling puzzle that is Greenwich Peninsula, a visionary region that throughout the most recent twenty years has turned into an image for renewal, architecture, and financial development. The spotlight is currently immovably on Peninsula West, where Morden Wharf transformation will affect the region, where our spearheading approach will motivate an objective with a solid feeling of spot, loaded up with bountiful life, culture, green space, industry, legacy, and entrepreneurialism. 

London, September 9, 2021 – The Royal precinct of Greenwich’s Planning Committee has allowed arranging assent for OMA’s blended-use improvement on London’s Greenwich Peninsula at Morden Wharf, a 2.4-hectare brownfield site.

Masterplan by OMA / Reinier De Graaf For Morden Wharf In London Gets Planning Consent - Sheet1
Morden Wharf Southern Warehouse ©Pixelflakes

Revival of Community | Morden Wharf

Morden Wharf is a diverse spot for the nearby local area to live, work, play, and flourish, an objective advancement for guests to investigate. Close by 1,500 new homes for Londoners of which 35% are moderate, Morden Wharf includes a plenitude of offices to benefit and has the capability of generating smaller clusters of community, each with their particular person and intended to cultivate and empower shared communication.

From marshland to modern may, this was the place where a portion of the world’s first submarine links was made, where boats were produced by creative steam-driven machines, where soap works and ropeworks flourished. All through the twentieth Century Morden Wharf had many utilizations, from concrete works to a processing plant making creature food and compost to a permanent spot for quite a long time metal organizations. The site’s accentuation was for a huge scope industry until market influences started its decrease and the possible destruction of everything except three structures, leaving the feeble Morden Wharf we know today. 

Masterplan by OMA / Reinier De Graaf For Morden Wharf In London Gets Planning Consent - Sheet2
Community Space Development with a total of 3.9-acre park_ Morden wharf ©Pixelflakes

Development of Greenwich Peninsula 

OMA has been appointed by developer Cathedral Group PLC and joint venture partner development securities PLC as master planner and lead architect on the development of Modern Wharf, a 19-acre regeneration site on London’s Greenwich Peninsula. OMA has been declared as a corporate transaction joint by the endeavor in March 2012 and can create a £950 million, 2 million sq ft blended utilized plan.

Masterplan by OMA / Reinier De Graaf For Morden Wharf In London Gets Planning Consent - Sheet3
A 275m water frontage allowing interaction between the river and the city around the development of the spaces ©Pixelflakes, Courtesy of OMA

Richard Upton, Chief Executive of Cathedral Group said: “This is a top-notch site. One of not very many huge London riverfronts left for significant recovery. We required an elite draftsman and we observed one be in OMA. We were dazzled by their critical experience of master planning significant recovery destinations, and their particular experience of waterfront advancement. We share an enthusiasm for making incredible, rousing spots with genuine substance, putting resources into the absolute best plan to encourage moving neighborhood networks.”

OMA Partner Reinier de Graaf states, “As the master planner and lead modeler for Morden Wharf, we are eager to have the chance to work with a yearning improvement group on one of the keep going huge riverfront locales on the Thames. Our Vision for Morden Wharf increases the value of a generally amazing site through the recovery of existing structures and frameworks which will draw in guests and occupants to the destination’s social, private, recreation, and business contributions. We anticipate the advancement of an inventive proposition which will upgrade Morden Wharf’s uncommon person.” Morden Wharf will be driven by Partners in Charge Reinier de Graaf and Ellen van Loon, Associate in Charge Laura Baird, and Project Director Carol Patterson.

Masterplan by OMA / Reinier De Graaf For Morden Wharf In London Gets Planning Consent - Sheet4
A space allowing people to live in by having 35% affordable housing in the total plot area ©Pixelflakes, Courtesy of OMA

“Our suggestion for Morden Wharf is unified with little sense of ego, an acquiescence to the current setting that expects to accommodate the past with what’s to come. The design doesn’t exist for the well-being of its own however it outlines the public space in the middle.

– said Reinier de Graaf, OMA Partner” (Contents, 2021b)

A significant riverside site and some time ago a Tate and Lyle sugars processing plant, Morden Wharf is found nearby the O2 Arena with 500 meters of Thames facing. It will have a urgent impact on the conveyance of the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s masterplan recommendations for the western side of the Greenwich Peninsula, distributed in April 2012.

Venture facts 

Venture: Morden Wharf
Timetable: Commission: 2012; Planning grant: 2021
Customer: U+I
Program: Masterplan
Private 151,000m2
Work and Retail 17,300m2
All out 168,300m2
Park 16,000m2
Accomplice in Charge: Reinier de Graaf
Venture Director: Carol Patterson
Venture Architect: Michalis Hadjistyllis 

Group: Samir Abillama, Anton Anikeev, Andre Backlund, Zuzanna Binda, Stephanie Bigelow, Fabrizio Esposito, Federica Giorgetta, Eve Hocheng, Alicia Krzywinska, Konstantinos Papasimakis, Xaveer Roodbeen, Lukasz Skalec, Andrea Verni, Camilla Wisborg. 

Masterplan by OMA / Reinier De Graaf For Morden Wharf In London Gets Planning Consent - Sheet5
Development Model of the mixed neighbourhood © Frans Parthesius, Courtesy of OMA


Scene Architect: Planit I.E
Engineer, SIL Designer: Chetwoods
Modeler, Unit Mix, and Layout: MSMR
Modeler, Gloriana Boat House: Carmody Groarke
Multi-disciplinary Engineer: Ramboll
Arranging Consultant and Socio-Economics: Lichfields
Townscape and Visual Assessment Advisor: Tavernor
Venture Manager: Gardiner and Theobald
Cost Consultant: Gardiner and Theobald
Meeting Advisor: Lowick Group
Wind: RWDI
Sunshine, Sunlight, and Overshadowing: Consil
Feasibility Consultant: Quod
Versatility Trends: DG Cities
Perceptions: Miller Hare, Pixelflakes

Masterplan by OMA / Reinier De Graaf For Morden Wharf In London Gets Planning Consent - Sheet6
Mixed-Use neighbourhood on Greenwich ©Pixelflakes, Courtesy of OMA

Juxtaposed | Morden Wharf

Those layers of history, both proceeded and restored, will assist with making a one-of-a-kind spot grounded in its legacy furthermore, will guarantee that Morden Wharf turns into a lively furthermore, genuine blended-use improvement. The mixed physical typologies of the plan are intelligent of the real variety of convenience on the site. Morden Wharf is the future home of industry and occupations – a prerequisite on the SIL assignment of part of the site–however a thrilling also, particular consideration for a genuine blended-use plot. In corresponding with the broad recreational area along the streaming front, which will assist with tending to the neighborhood open space lack and in time become a much-cherished gem for the nearby local area, various interesting and uncommon components have been fused into the plan. These components, which incorporate a survey stage, a new super durable home for the Gloriana, just as an interesting public workmanship program that will recount the account of the site through actual constructions and paintings will all assistance guarantee that Morden Wharf turns into a genuinely particular and energizing put on the landmass.

Spatial seated amidst the city, Courtesy of OMA


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