Wheelchairs are a lifeline to its owner, hence providing the maximum value as a product. Since its first appearance about 2500 years ago, it hasn’t changed much; rather, not so necessary and luxurious gadgets are updated every year. Keeping this in mind, to bring greater freedom to the lives of differently-abled people, UNAwheel, a Russian wheelchair company, manufactured an electrical wheelchair attachment (an add-on to the basic and active wheelchair) to increase mobility of the wheelchairs. 

The cues for these attachments came from bikes and robotics to make it varied for different user needs.

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Though comfortable, mechanical wheelchairs are difficult to drive for a longer time and fully electric wheelchairs become heavy and uneconomical. Thus, UNAwheel came up with a powerful, reliable and affordable electric attachment that can be hooked on to the front of mechanical chairs. It helps in easy mobilisation of the wheelchair for active strollers. 

The steering is run through a button that accelerates, decelerates and turns the wheel. It works on chargeable & replaceable batteries and holds the capacity of 30 km on a single charge, making it reliable and ideal for long journeys.

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Specifications & Advantages

Wheel size: 12” – 14”
Wheel motor: 350W, 25 nm
Replaceable battery: 8 Ah or 10 Ah
Fixing time: 10 seconds
Acceleration: 20km/hr
Charge capacity: 30km on a single charge
Maximum user weight: 110 kg.

Steering material: Combination of metal (hydroforming/cutting technology) and plastic (injection moulding), the handles are made of rubber, and the main body of plastic (RIM).

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iF Design Award

iF design award 2021 recognised the Russian manufacturer company ‘Supreme Motors’ for the UNAwheel Maxi device. There are many models that come under this product varying in the wheel size and some add- ons such as flashlight, horn and splash guards.

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UNAwheel attachment manual

The maxi wheels are attached to the existing non-removable footrest of the wheelchair. Here are some manual instructions you should follow:

  1. Open the clamps on both sides and fix it to the footrest through adjustable screws. (Handy to the person in the wheelchair)
  2. Bring in the attachments and connect its adapter with the clamps.
  3. Close the clamps by pulling the handle vertical.
  4. Adjust the steering wheel by pushing it. The adjustment hook or adapter will click, and it’s ready to move.
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For video assistance, please go through the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDeN4DHOQMc


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