Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet1
The MINTA Modular Structure System Gives Weaving an Update _ ©design-milk.com.

MINTA is a modular structure system that demonstrates the seamless blend of traditional weaving and digital fabrication. With this innovation, Orsi Orban, a textile and surface designer with an immense interest in 3D art and vernacular modular design methodology, reinvented weaving forever! MINTA combines all the passions of Orsi and unveils yet another dimension of architecture. And, MINTA highlights the importance of the collaborative design approach in creative domains wherein all the professionals involved in the loop of creation to production have equivalent prominence.

Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet2
MINTA: Unleashing endless opportinities _ ©design-milk.com

MINTA’s Ideation

MINTA essentially started as a passion project of Berlin-based textile and surface designer Orsi Orban to recreate surfaces through woven fabric design logic. But, Orsi was determined to create an exceptionally innovative solution by relooking at the old hat methods. And, she started experimenting with the size, pattern, and intricacy of the weaving pattern. She very soon realized the potential this could offer in terms of creating a different modus operandi to produce striking, versatile surfaces.

Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet3
Deriving MINTA Modules _ ©hypeandhyper.com
Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet4
Deriving MINTA Modules _ ©hypeandhyper.com

“In the first phase of the design process, I developed a 2D interwoven system that becomes three-dimensional by assembling the modules and moving them. In the second phase of design, my goal was to create a pre-determined 3D dynamic shape that takes up the pre-determined shape by interlocking the 2D modules.” – Orsi Orban (Hype&Hyper)

Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet5
Deriving MINTA Modules _ ©hypeandhyper.com

MINTA – A Project where Aesthetics meets Efficiency

The concept of modularity in design unleashes tremendous opportunities as it addresses the solution of generating the tiniest functional unit, which, when multiplied, can result in an array of outcomes of different permutations and combinations. And, correspondingly, MINTA can effectively spawn versatile endless options of structurally stable cutting-edge surfaces without losing its modularity aspect. Because of which one can say that upgradability and flexibility are what define MINTA’s beauty.

Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet6
MINTA: The new age weaving _ ©design-milk.com

MINTA’s Modularity

MINTA’s modularity pushes the extent of creation in terms of scale, DFP (Design for Production) duration, and fewer resource requirements eliminating operational delays and wastage in the material. The modularity concept also brings in the privilege of autonomy of designing different patterns, shapes, sizes of MINTA modules. Therefore, bridging architecture, interior design, product design, and fashion design.

MINTA with its modular design that functionally de-couples interfaces and components while enabling multiple configurations. With MINTA enabling higher quality assembly and fabrication, the only parameter to be considered while addressing the design problem is the material as its properties (such as tensile strength and flexibility) determine the design functionality.

Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet7
MINTA: The new age weaving _ ©hypeandhyper.com.

MINTA’s Methodology

With an intent to give the traditional weaving an update, MINTA brings back the ancient practices translated through the present day’s eminent technologies. The customized MINTA modules are produces using 3D software and laser cutting technique. The result is a multi-layered surface that, in the end, has to be assembled manually, just like age-old weaving, thus completing the circle.

Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet8
MINTA: The new age weaving _ ©hypeandhyper.com

One can comprehend that here the traditional techniques have been pushed into the digital realm to cater to the needs of today’s fast-paced world. MINTA also edifies that adapting to modern-day practices is not synonymous with disregarding the traditional ones. Being adept with modern tools is the prime factor in Orsi Orban’s success, which only propelled the project beyond the horizon.

Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet9
Orsi Orban: The mastermind behind MINTA _ ©www.worthproject.eu

“I have taken the logic of handicraft, innovated it through the software and the technology of laser cutting, and finally closed the circle by creating a modular system that must be assembled by hand — returning, in this way, to the roots of the traditional craft. “-Orsi Orban (worthproject.eu)

Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet10
MINTA: The end product _ ©hypeandhyper.com

Challenges During The Process

Project MINTA is one of a kind. Therefore, one can say that the project typology belongs to a relatively unconquered domain of design. Being the pioneers, the whole team behind the project- MINTA faced several challenges all around.

At the conceptual phase, designer Orsi Orban struggled to derive the structural solutions from the traditional weaving methods and realized that all of it would be inadequate without the 3d software skillset keeping in mind the availability and functionality of the material. Descendant to It was the trial and error phase of programming and testing the laminated material to obtain one with the most suitable attributes: flexibility and tensile strength.

The project technicality was immensely supported by “Makerspace. hu”, the partner company in the collaborative project. Atilla Jeremiás Király, from Makerspace, tested the material’s workability the laser-cutting and was thoroughly involved in the prototyping of the program.

Weaving gets an update with The MINTA Modular Structure System Sheet11
MINTA: The end product _ ©hypeandhyper.com

The Power of Collaboration

The team behind MINTA believes that the project was successful only because of the collaborative venture of the project. The team believes that MINTA arose from a well-balanced and efficient workflow between professionals from different areas of expertise. With the help of the WORTH Partnership Project, the new collaborator with Orsi Orban and the Makerspace team, they plan on producing market-ready products of varying scales (interior design, product design, furniture design, fashion design, architecture). 

What began as a student’s passion project today has transcended into a design research investigation. And a student’s idea was brought to life by an entire team of dedicated professionals on a quest to construct and fabricate a structural system that would change how one perceives weaving. As Orsi Orban says, unusual projects like MINTA would only end up as an idea without her army of professionals!


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