Colour is an integral part of this world, in the built as well as the natural environment. It is considered a part of the universal language and is mostly known to be the easiest notion for communication Interior design is a method to beautify our living habitat and for the user to express his or her personality. The ideology established by designers is to differentiate between people merely using the space and people experiencing it to the fullest. It is necessary to understand the user’s movement and their way of living to get the best out of any defined space. 

The movement and behavior of human beings are linked directly to how they perceive space. When a person inhabits a plain and monotonous house, that kind of appearance lacks that user intimacy and he looks at the space in a single perspective, however when a house replicates the person’s personality and character, space itself enunciates the beauty of the user as well the environment.

Creating a Colour Palette: To Keep A Sense of Intimacy and Innate Feel in Interior Design

Colour is the first means of visually representing a character. For any novice to enjoy the area color plays the main protagonist giving a brief look at the kind of lifestyle space wants to display. Studies have shown how the human mind functions when imperiled to colors and hues. The perfect blend of colors can create a productive and proactive environment for users to work in, on the other hand, themes and colors when subjected to a mismatched mix can create a state of confusion and despair.

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Interior Design is a way of living. It is a blend of living, experiencing, and reimagining various aspects that fall within a closed box. 

When designing is to consider, the idea is to create an environment that does not prejudice the space as just an imaginative cluttered living; it should be on creating that harmony and balance needed to live comfortably. Colors and themes are more than just mere fancy decors used by the elites. The deeper the understanding of how colors could enhance the mind and its psychology, the better is the designing aspects. Different color tones are the easiest method to highlight the unique character of the space. 

Themes create a sense of modern, fresh vibe and give the area a bit more of a personalized touch. A better living is the mighty phrase that injects into every other person’s urban dictionary but the real ambiguity lies in how the style of living depends on interior design. Being a fundamental aspect of human evolution, it is necessary to truly understand and educate ourselves on how color, themes, décor are modes of spatializing any interior space. Faber Birren, the American father of applied color psychology proclaimed: “The study of color is an essential aspect to the mental psychological science, for the term color itself signifies a sensation.” (Manhke, 2012)

The impression that needs to be etched in the user’s mind directs on the means of how the theme and tones need to reciprocate. If the notion around is still within the cusps that color is only to showcase and highlight the interior, it is mistaken. In interior designing it is a key figure to understand the spatial necessity; this depends on other factors like the area it would be dedicated to, the kind of users targeted, the size of the room, and many more. Color is an elegant means to speak about such modes without actually showing it literally. 

For example, in a hospital, it wouldn’t make sense to have a deep tone of red or shades of orange; you would rather have a neutral or a cooler shade to provide comfort to the users. Each space is defined in such ways that display the need of the hour for that particular activity.

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Use of White Palette and its hues makes the area look bigger

The Display of Emotions and Psychosomatics Through Interior Design and Its Relation with Colour Psychology

Each tone of shade greatly changes the mood of the setting and is directly proportional to how the area is or will be perceived. As the times have changed, and the greater part of humanity spends time within the closed environment, it is pivotal to play with the interiors to create that innate connection of the mind to space. For that desired spatial arrangement, it is important to see in terms of the smallest element that could change the entire perception. 

Colors make a vivid entry in such scenarios, where it can maximize or minimize the spatial sense, where it could play with the visuals of the room and set the tone for the kind of event that would be defined in that area. Certain live examples would be from what goes unnoticed yet rather felt more potently, like to make space seem larger, white tones are used and at the same time, a darker palette like black would make the place seem smaller.

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Themes represent a setting, similar to that of the Mediterranean or a boho lifestyle or plain modern living showcase the character of a still room. It brings the little piece of travel and luxury in a rather poignant and stoic environment. Interior designing is beyond just décor and playful colors, it is to provide the architecturally best environment at its fullest.

Over the past decade, there has been a massive growth in the interior design fraternity, and ever since it has become more or less a norm to utilize the concepts of interior design without the basic idea behind its purpose. Interior design holds the potent ways to either make or break a space, the common notion is to utilize the trivial parts of designing and then elaborating on that. Colour is usually seen as a trivial conjecture that just makes the room “pretty”. 

This idea steers away from the truth behind the use of palette and tones. Each color on the wheel plays and gives a whole different set of emotions that helps us perceive the activity and the outlook of the environment better.

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Certainly, the mere assumption that colors are no more than decoration and the specifications are to be satisfied merely by an own interpretation, or that the use of themes and colors are just in fashion, are baseless and false. A humane approach towards interior design places the end-user in the center of concern and intent. Thus, any interior designer must know the truth and the in-depth analysis of the play of color and theme to expound interest in human welfare and their dignity in the ways of better living. (LTD, 2017)


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