French Architecture firm Coldefy and Associates has unveiled their emblematic project ‘Tropicalia ‘as the world’s largest single domed greenhouse design to be built in Côte d’Opale, North of France. The project was exhibited at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia with its architectural and engineering specificities along with the current research on tropical flora and fauna and its benefits on the planet.

Domed Greenhouse Sheet2
TROPICALIA Greenhouse_2023 ©Octav Tirziu

The one of a kind structure will be spanning 20000 square meters (215287 square feet) of tropic where people will be submerged in the rich and diverse flora and fauna: exotic flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds, Amazonian fish, turtles, caimans, water gardens, waterfalls, and ponds and a one-kilometer long walking trail. The tropical biodome will maintain the constant temperature of 28 degrees Celsius in the otherwise harsh climate of the region.

Described by Coldefy as a “bubble of harmony “ is designed keeping in mind the current ecological situation of our planet. Visitors will be submerged in the wonderful and unique oasis of flora and fauna. The project will serve as a place for ecological awareness and discoveries while also helping man connect with nature.

Domed Greenhouse Sheet3
TROPICALIA Greenhouse_2023 ©Coldefy

The 35-meter-high dome gently rises from the ground being partially embedded into it which helps in reducing its height and impact on visitors. The forming of the outer additional wall of greenery and finally concluding in crystal-like hill blends perfectly in the surrounding environment.

The transparent shell-like roof is double insulated offering optimum thermal isolation.

The unobstructed interior space resulted because of a specialized roof structure made from pressurized thermal pillows held in an aluminum frame. 

The project will be self-sufficient in terms of energy with the help of sustainable and innovative technology called Terraotherm in which all the heat generated because of the greenhouse effect will be recycled and stock. The surplus energy will also be transferred through a heat network for surrounding businesses and buildings.

The complex also offers numerous other services like restaurants, shops, guesthouses, as well as a scientific space exclusively for professionals. It is expected to attract approximately 500,000 visitors per year.

Designs Unveiled For The World's Largest Single-Domed Greenhouse Sheet4
TROPICALIA Greenhouse_2023 ©Coldefy
Domed Greenhouse Sheet5
TROPICALIA Greenhouse_2023 ©Coldefy
Designs Unveiled For The World's Largest Single- Domed Greenhouse Sheet6
TROPICALIA, Lower Level Plan_2023 ©Coldefy
Domed Greenhouse Sheet7
TROPICALIA, Upper Level Plan_2023 ©Coldefy
Designs Unveiled For The World's Largest Single- Domed Greenhouse Sheet8
TROPICALIA Greenhouse_2023 ©Coldefy
Designs Unveiled For The World's Largest Single-Domed Greenhouse Sheet9
TROPICALIA Greenhouse_2023 ©Coldefy

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