Foster+Partners finally unveil the images and plans of the project, which is planned to be completed in 2022. InnHub La Punt, the nature-inspired community and innovation center, is located in the heart of Engadin Valley, Switzerland. InnHub La Punt will be a 3-storey building and 6,000-square-meter project that have workspaces, sports facilities, shops, and restaurants. InnHub La Punt is both a meeting place and workplace

Foster + Partners explained, ‘‘the project based on the idea of ​​the ‘third place’, as the building can seem like home and workplace at the same time.’’ Also, they added, “The project will act as a catalyst for transformation by bringing innovative people and ideas to the valley.”

Project Details | Innovation center

Location: Switzerland

Architect: Foster + Partners

Completion: 2022

Collaborating architect: Kuechel Architects

Foster + Partners design team: Norman Foster, Nigel Dancey, Pablo Urango, Taba Rasti, Lucas Mazarrasa, Emilio Ortiz, Alex Duro, Julio Serrano, Piers Heath, Anis Abou Zaki, Liam Alsop, Martha Tsigkari, and Sherif El Tarabishy

Structural engineers: Foster + Partners

Mechanical engineers: Foster + Partners

Environmental engineers: Foster + Partners

Client: Caspar Coppeti, Christian Gartmann, Beat Curti, and Jon Erni

Nature inspired innovation centre overlooking the Alps unveiled by Foster+Partners - Sheet1

Design Inspiration

Nature inspired innovation centre overlooking the Alps unveiled by Foster+Partners - Sheet2

Foster + Partners is the studio of architect Norman Foster, and its headquarters located in London, UK. The studio and its design team are known for their futuristic and sustainable approaches. InnHub La Punt also builds on the many kinds of research and reflects its style. 

The architecture of the innovation center is influenced by the beautiful landscape of the surrounding Alpine. It seems to be incorporated into the village, despite its size. It is smaller than the surrounding buildings and an Engadin style guide conveys a local character. After it is built, the InnHub will attract architectural tourists as well as main users and visitors.

Nature inspired innovation centre overlooking the Alps unveiled by Foster+Partners - Sheet3

The Project Overall

The innovation center invites everyone locals, semi-locals, holiday guests, and work tourists and acts as a place of inspiration and retreat. The InnHub’s public meeting point will be clustered around smaller shops, a café, work- and workspaces, a sports center, some open indoors and outdoors, and some apartments. People who want to stay in the InnHub La Punt find distance and relaxation to work efficiently and creatively.

Nature inspired innovation centre overlooking the Alps unveiled by Foster+Partners - Sheet4

In the area, retail spots and many public functions are situated along the main street, while the surrounding landscape faces more private functions. A public route through the site brings life and activity into the spaces of interaction and meeting, enabling individuals to glimpse the community hub’s energy and vitality. Such functions draw the greenery into the site through the courtyard, a themed extension of its great natural outdoors. 

The InnHub La Punt provides what the cities lack: sports and recreation in the open air right outside. The InnHub La Punt is the ideal location for brain workers due to its perfect combination of modern seminar facilities and intact nature.

Nature inspired innovation centre overlooking the Alps unveiled by Foster+Partners - Sheet5

Sustainability | Innovation center

Energy Efficiency: Right in the heart of the building, the prominent, rounded roof structures bring sunshine inside. Foster+Partners explained, “The roof has been carefully designed to combine renewable energy generation systems, arranged on angled surfaces to avoid snow accumulation while allowing daylight to enter the deepest parts of the building.” 

The InnHub operates with a total of 100% renewable energy which is most directly produced on the building: a photovoltaic system on the roofer generates around half of the required electricity and the necessary thermal power is provided by the groundwater heat pump.

Nature inspired innovation centre overlooking the Alps unveiled by Foster+Partners - Sheet6

Foster +Partners also proposed using highly efficient monolithic outer walls and deep windows that surround the site, blocking the cold winds and minimizing heat losses, decreased exposed surface, and optimized glazing ratio, for better and improved microclimate. Also, under-floor heating systems will be used to decrease consumption and increase user convenience.

Nature inspired innovation centre overlooking the Alps unveiled by Foster+Partners - Sheet7

Local Material Usage: The materials for the design of the building are sourced from the areawherever possible. The project is designed of local materials with timber, stucco, stone, and brass elements. The InnHub will also be roofed with shingles made of larch wood, one of Norman Foster’s favorite materials. 

One of the main points, as a responsibility, is the intact nature of the close surroundings. The effect of the InnHub La Punt is measured and optimized in partnership with environmental organizations. Also, there will be a shop for local items at the InnHub. Restaurants and gastronomy will be encouraged to use local goods in particular.

Innovation center ©www.innhub.ch_bau

Connection and Transportation: The project is situated on the site which makes this innovation center unique in nature. InnHub La Punt has a garage for parking. Most visitors, however, can arrive by public transport, such as buses. Not encouraging the use of cars also planned to be the solution of climate-resilient and more efficient.

Reuse and recycle: With the usage of natural lighting and natural ventilation, Foster+Partners offers a minimal carbon footprint. Also, the architects take a step forward with the recycling and reuse of various elements but also the wastewater and the rainwater from the building.


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