Slate Bathroom Tile | Best Bathroom Tiles

Slate is a fine-grained stone made by heat and pressure from shale and clay. Slate is commonly utilised on floors, walls, and countertops in large-format applications due to its inherently slip-resistant rough surface. To keep a shiny or matte appearance, the surface must be resealed regularly.

Price: Rs 64 per sq. feet

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Travertine Bathroom Tile

Travertine is a type of limestone created by minerals dissolved in groundwater and driven through the earth’s crust by water. This layered stone comes in earthy shades and is a stylish option for walls and floors

Price: Rs 82 per sq. feet

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Vinyl Tiles | Best Bathroom Tiles

Vinyl tiles are the most popular in bathrooms. It is easier to install and more environmentally beneficial because it is reusable. It is less susceptible to cracking and breaking.

Price: Rs 140 per sq. feet to Rs 150 per sq. feet

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Limestone Tiles

Limestone is an excellent material for natural-toned design schemes. Its gentle beige, brown, and grey tones add warmth to the bathroom, and it feels soft and pleasant while remaining resistant.

Price: Rs 100 per sq. feet 

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Pebble Tiles | Best Bathroom Tiles

Pebble tiles are sold in sheets of pebbles held together by grout. Their unique and extremely attractive appearance can be sustained for many years if properly maintained and cleaned.

Price: Rs 95 per sq. feet

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Decorative tiles

These are made from different materials. They exhibit a range of patterns, flora and fauna. They are generally embossed. They add a cheerful dimension to the space

Price: varies according to material and pattern used.

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Cork Tiles

Cork tile outlasts hardwood flooring and is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal. It is simple to install and clean.

Price: Rs 400 per sq. feet to Rs 480 per sq. feet

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Plastic Laminate Tiles | Best Bathroom Tiles

Plastic laminate tiles (also known as planks) are an excellent option for bathroom tiles The tiles do not considerably raise the height of the existing floor, making transitions from room to room easier.

Price: Rs 65 per sq. feet

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Quartz tiles

Because quartz is non-porous, it will not absorb stains, resulting in no undesired discolouration. Quartz, unlike granite, is scratch resistant and will not degrade with time.

Price: Rs 80 per sq. feet

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Granite tiles | Best Bathroom Tiles

Granite is a good choice due to its exceptional durability while being aesthetic as well. Granite tile produces an almost impermeable surface making it ideal for wet areas.

Price: Rs 34 per sq. feet to Rs 99 per sq. feet

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