From the house we live in to the exciting places we visit on the weekends, architecture is everywhere. Photography, illustrations, artwork—everything today has the potential to be connected to architecture. These artists blend the artistic elements of architecture with the technical elements of composition and geometry and bring forward an image that conveys emotions and stories. And to prove this, we present you a list of artists and photographers that have gained popularity in 2022 due to their skills and talent in the field of architecture. Make sure you check their work out and show support to these budding artists!

Inge Schuster

Instagram: @inge.schuster

Inge takes visually stunning photos of architecture by concentrating on two main accent tones. Her photographs are works of art because of the stunning angles and arrangements. The most current series, with its bold red and blue colors and shadows, creates excellent contrast and minimalistic frames. Her Instagram page is a pleasure to look at and undoubtedly draws viewers.

10 top Architecture Posts of 2022 - Sheet1
Bold use of colors by Inge_©


Instagram: @linearcurvature

This incredible Instagram account combines a play of light, shade, and shadow while focusing on different architectural components to take gorgeous photographs with a gentle yellow tone. She skillfully strikes the ideal balance between light and dark, built structures and voids to produce a stunning scene. Her color scheme gives the images a mysterious appeal that piques viewers’ curiosity.

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Gentle yellow light showing a beautifully lit corridor_©

Marcus Cederberg

Instagram: @marcuscederberg 

Marcus emphasizes the beauty of architectural characteristics, particularly that of windows and doors, and creates breathtaking minimalistic images by experimenting with lines, shadows, and various repetitive patterns. He genuinely lives by the phrase “less is more,” and his images undoubtedly reflect that. He ensures that the audience enjoys his photographs by adding humorous and sarcastic captions to his posts. One such photograph is that of neutral-colored repetitive balconies against a bright orange wall. Despite having such elements, the main eye-catcher of this photograph is certainly the little palm tree breaking the monotony and repetition.

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Rhythmic arrangement of balconies_©

Nina Papiorek 

Instagram: @ninapapiorek

Exclusive use of black and white theme focusing on architecture, graphic components, and linework depicts Nina’s style of photography. Her images display a minimalist style that beautifully captures the feeling of isolation and being lost in an urban setting. She emphasizes the broader part rather than close-up views by using human silhouettes to depict large-scale architectural elements in an urban landscape setting. 

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Image 4_A road in Paris showing symmetry, balance and scale_©

Jeanette Hägglund

Instagram: @etna_11 

Jeanette expertly catches architectural features while showing the wonderful use of color thanks to her brilliant understanding of geometry and minimalism. She is the best in the business due to her excellent eye for angles and up-close views of a building’s facade. Her well-known series “secrets,” which featured La Muralla Roja, got a lot of attention after the demise of architect Ricardo Bofill in January 2022 after she republished a few breathtaking pictures in his honor. This image here shows the various shades of blues and creates a magnificent and beautifully composed monochrome photograph.

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Beautiful separation of the sea, sky, and structure_©

Tekla Evelina Severin

Instagram: @teklan

Tekla, who describes herself as a colorist, designer, and photographer, presents stunning color combinations with regard to interiors and architecture. The viewer is drawn in by the beauty of the lines, shapes, and colors—ranging from simple to complex designs. The vibrant color schemes and the playfulness in her photographs help create a unique theme for her social media. A recent series called “Färgblock” uses 13 colors to capture the beauty of tiles. A striking interior perspective is created by combining a color-block tile design with solid interior pieces. Grasping the audience’s attention, this series has certainly been a hit among Instagram users.

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use of tiles for interior_©

George Townley

Instagram: @george.townley

A very talented and innovative UK-based illustrator creating US-based artworks- featuring all things architecture. Beautiful use of colors and elements of architecture, cityscape, and landscape helps George create these abstract architectural illustrations. These artworks are reminiscent of animated shows one watched as a kid, drawing the viewer’s attention.

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Digital Illustration of Kaufmann House in California_©

Simon Kaempfer

Instagram: @kaeptive

An illustrator and a graphic designer exploring 3d worlds to create built environments. He mixes reality with abstract elements to create dreamy, surreal worlds. One such project is that of a virtual office that uses gorgeous soft neutral tones mainly pink and off-white. A semi-open, curving office set creates a fantastic constructed atmosphere among gorgeous clouds.

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Image 8_Virtual House for Studio Gallo_©

Laura Sanchez

Instagram: @french__laura

The minimalist framing used by Laura Sanchez, a Paris-based artist, emphasizes the harmonious lines and vibrant colors of an urban setting. She employs brilliant hues and soft pastel shades that are created through skilled editing. She focuses on urban geometry and minimal architecture while maintaining a sense of calm and remaining visually impactful. She creates a lovely balance by editing a soft, neutral built environment and adding a gentle pop of color.

10 top Architecture Posts of 2022 - Sheet9
A summer memory of Laura in France_©

Paul Eis 

Instagram: @the_architecture_photographer

Paul, an architecture student, is making a reputation for himself in the field of architectural photography with the help of his most well-known series, “a colorful makeover of architecture.” He combines art and architecture to produce a collection of vibrant, cheerful, and upbeat images that solely include the built structure. His unique way of photography garners a lot of international viewers.

Image 10_beautifully edited shades of pink on the facade_©

These artists have truly redefined and transformed the field of architectural photography. Each photographer and artist has their own aesthetic that speaks volumes and reflects their personality in their photographs. The clever angles, vivid use of colors, beautiful interior design and architectural design aspects make these Instagram posts one of a kind. These photographers are the best of the best and have attracted a sizable engaging and supporting following as a result of their ability to capture the viewer’s attention.


Shrini Shrivastava is a passionate and enthusiastic architecture student, looking for new prospects to explore. She aims to demonstrate the influence journalism has in the field of architecture and believes that a variety of elements- from human psychology to individual upbringing, can make-or-break architecture.

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