There is no greater joy than that of creation. A designer strives to design something aesthetically pleasing, functional, and structurally sound. Something that will delight and surprise the clients. An ultimate result is achieved through many inputs during the design process. The Design Awards honour this effort and put it forward in society. Praise and acknowledgement of the designers and their creativity are the primary purposes of these design awards. Here is the list of the ten most prestigious and well-known design awards throughout the world. Winning these awards is considered a lifetime achievement and a great honour. 

A’Design Awards 

Italy’s A’Design Awards are one of the most prestigious international design competitions. A variety of categories are included in the awards, including 3D models, graphics, and furniture. The themes given relate to human resources and are uniquely expressed through digital communication ideas and sustainable design. “Designer of the year” is awarded to the individual who has profoundly influenced the design industry and competes with advances. Participation in the awards come from the creative community of architects, artists, innovator, creators, and designers. The award is given in various levels, like iron, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Under 40-year-old designers are eligible to receive this award, and each category can receive a maximum of three awards.

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iF Design Award 

Several prestigious awards are given in the design industry, but iF design awards hold the top spot. Each year, award winners are selected by more than 20 nations based on unbiased judgments. There are seven categories in which participants can engage with their designs – Professional Concept, Product, Packaging, Communications, Interior design, Design/UX, and Architecture. Almost 60 experts in architecture and design participate in the awards ceremony. the iF Gold Award and iF Design Award are the two main layers of the award. Design innovators are awarded the iF Gold Award for their highly creative designs. 

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Reddot design awards 

The RedDot design award is established for the niche of industrial design. International Council of Societies arranges the event. With more than 50 participating countries, the program is organized annually in Germany. The award is classified into three categories of communication design, product design, and design concepts. The introduction of design concept category was introduced as a platform to explore and appreciate the designs which are not out in the market yet. The innovative ideas and the development are analyzed and evaluated under the design concept. Many well-known brands like apple, Lenovo, sony, Audi, and Nokia have won this prestigious award. 

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Good Design Award 

Good Design award goes way back into history, and it is one of the oldest awards from the design community. They are the most distinguished awards from Japan. Started in 1957, 44,00 plus artists have won it. The motive of the award is to enrich lives. Industries and society as a unit. Over the years, the award has highlighted and celebrated many novel project ideas. The award ceremony for this happens in the Chicago Athenaeum Museum. Recently the good design awards introduced another category called green good design awards. 

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Awwwards encourages and recognizes the collective talent with the eminent jury combined with creative directors, bloggers, and designers from the creative agency. The organizers also arrange a series of conferences in Barcelona, New York, LA, and London. The awards are for the creative use of design, creativity, and innovations. This award event not only recognizes the talent but also allows to unite the best of leaders and groups of the digital market to come together on one platform.  

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Idea Awards 

Idea awards stand for international design excellence awards. It is one of the distinct awards from all over the world. This internationally renowned award is especially dedicated to product design and designers. In addition to Industrial Design, categories like Automotive and Transportation, Digital Design, Service Design, and Environmental Design are all allowed to enter. Award criteria include innovation, aesthetics, and user experience. Post the result, the winning designs are added to the Henry Ford Museum’s collection.

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D&AD Awards 

D&AD award was first started in 1962 by a British non-profit organization for design and art direction. The award has a winning hierarchy of categories like a black pencil and white pencil, followed by D&AD professional awards to choose the world’s best photographer, D&AD new blood awards, which are established to recognize up-and-coming talent in the creative industry under the age of 23. It is also renowned for its extremely strict adjudication, and sometimes the Black Pencil award for highest achievement does not get handed out. The award is considered the most prestigious in the creative industry for design and advertising.  

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Cannes Lion Awards 

In 1994, the Cannes Lion awards were established to encourage and recognize genius in the field of advertising. The idea of the award was designed and conceptualized by the Global group of cinema screen advertising contractors. Several categories are included in the awards- including creative effectiveness, digital communication, design, advertising, and more. The Cannes Lion awards have set competitive standards. It celebrates the novel ideas that come ahead in the field of advertising. The most unique and original idea wins the award but the award ceremony offers a great platform to network with global talent in this creative niche. 

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ADDY’s Awards 

ADDYs award is the most known and participated creative competition around the world. In addition to being a haven for creatives and digital agencies, it is one of the world’s most prestigious advertising competitions. The competition is organized on a three-tiered system. Local competitions are the first level, followed by district competitions, and finally, national competitions. The aim is to identify and award the talent that originates from the base level. The award binds together most of the advertising industry and organizes internship programs, advertisement education programs, advocacy groups, and much more. 

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Elle Deco international design awards 

Established in 2003, Elle Deco international design awards are known as the Oscars of interior design. 25 editors of the interior magazine Elle Deco come together every year and award talent in 13 different categories. The awards are known as EDIDA. The winners of EDIDA are announced during the largest furniture trade fair in the world, which happens in Milan.

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