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Average Salary for Architecture – The complex role of an architect includes understanding the client’s need, feasibility, and scope of the project, managing the project, documenting spaces, designing spaces, submitting drawings to the permit department, communicating with contractors, deciding and selecting materials, and so on. Though a single person does not single-handedly do this, these are the roles every architect plays in their career. Architecture is transforming due to cutting-edge technologies like BIM, VR, and 3D printing, which can produce immersive visualization and streamline collaboration. 

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The Demand of Architects all Over the World

Due to rapid urbanization, there is a lot of demand for architects all over the globe. The overgrowing population has demanded a rise in the construction industry. To fulfill basic human needs, each country’s government has initiated construction development. The construction market is growing exponentially, but with this, there is a rise in costs associated with the market. There is a rise of infrastructure in all the fields, be it medical, educational, residential, commercial, industrial, etc., post the pandemic. 


An average salary for architecture varies globally, considering the position, experience, size of the firm, location, cost of living, tax, etc.

Architect’s Role in Society | Average Salary for Architecture

Architecture is a well-respected and elite job, just like medicine and law in today’s society. All these professions require a long period of training and hard work. Architecture is not only about building structures; there is much more about architecture that everyone needs to know. Architecture is a profession from scratch to end. Architecture can trigger the emotions of people in society. This emotion can impact a person’s mental state, body language, way of thinking, and creativity. Each person has a different way of perceiving reality, and this theory works with the architecture of a structure too. An architect’s job is to turn an abstract into reality. Architect combines creativity and aesthetics with the technical requirements of the built environment. It is based on balance. An architect not only needs to have a vision of an artist but must also possess common skills such as strong social skills, communication skills, technical knowledge, and field knowledge to be successful. Architecture is a very competitive field, and it is constantly evolving. 

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“A building has integrity, just as a man and just as seldom! It must be true to its own idea, have its own form, and serve its own purpose!”. – Howard Roark, The Fountainhead 

These are the top 6 countries in the world that have a high demand for architect and their salaries:

  1. The United Arab Emirates (UAE): UAE has been one of the biggest and fastest growing regions in the past few decades, and it is still growing exponentially. Employment opportunities have increased since the pandemic. Dubai is the home to the most magnificent and high-technology skyscrapers, which has increased the demand for people from construction backgrounds. UAE has adopted the most advanced technologies in construction and stands first in the world for these technologies. Abu Dhabi has announced plans to renovate 30 government sector buildings to make them more sustainable and cause less harm to the environment. The average salary of an architect in the UAE is AED 5,000 (1,08,431 INR) per month.
  2. China: As China seeks to become the world’s greatest power, there is an increase and growth in the construction industry in China as well. China has been constantly developing since the end of world war 2. This brings a lot of opportunities for architects to start their careers. This market in China is enormous. Architect salaries in China range from 18,500 CNY(2,12,750 INR) per month to 55,900 CNY (6,42,851 INR) per month. 
  3. The United States: As the population in the USA is growing, there is a demand for architects to build homes, schools, hospitals, commercial areas, community centres, etc. The highest paying cities for architects are in The United States, with an average base salary of 4,589 USD (3,65,541 INR) per month.
  4. Canada: Due to less population, Canada is demanding more from architects to create upcoming opportunities. Canada offers a good standard of living, and the Canadian economy is very stable. The base salary for a junior architect is 3,967 USD ( 3,15,995 INR) per month.
  5. Australia: Australia is a developed country and offers good salaries to working-class people. It also has a good and high standard of living. The only drawback is Australia does not accept architecture degrees from any other country; a test has to be given to get recognized as an architect in Australia. The base salary offered in an Australian firm is $5,469 ( 4,35,638 INR) per month. 
  6. India: India’s vision of becoming a developed country by the next decade has increased the demand for architects. The average salary for architecture depends on the job of an architect that is evolving quicker than it ever has, thanks to the rapid development of technologies that are now available and their incorporation into the industry. This advancement has also recommended that the construction industry needs an enormous task force of highly qualified individuals. The average salary in India for junior architects is 17,482 INR per month. 


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