Every small business, especially those in the architectural profession, aims to become financially stable. When you believe in the viability of your business, the strain of always fighting for employment is lifted. Marketing in architecture is important because architects need a better approach if they want to draw in more clients. Without it, a skilled professional could lose business to less qualified competitors just because they deploy creative marketing techniques. Previously, architects have relied on word-of-mouth referrals, reliable relationships, and repeat business. Many events and one-on-one communications have decreased due to the present pandemic. Architects claim that referrals are a significant source of new architectural projects, but it’s time to think creatively. Nowadays, digital networking occurs far more frequently than conventional networking at events.

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If you don’t surpass your competitors in terms of audience reach and prove your superiority to them, you’ll ultimately lose. Successfully advertising your business requires some strategic thought, as well as understanding how to use the many platforms and channels that may spread the word about the job you perform.

So, how do you begin? The following is a list of ten marketing tips for architects.

Showcase Your Area of Expertise | Marketing in Architecture

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Rooves of Paris, 2016_©Single-Handedly- Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand by Nalina Moses (Princeton Architectural Press).

Having a firm understanding of your target market is crucial when developing your brand and deciding how to approach every aspect of advertising. This will create the foundation for your marketing efforts. Put yourself in their position and research your competition to see how they are grabbing their attention after you are confident of the audience you are attempting to attract. Many companies strive to do many tasks flawlessly. They will highlight every form of architectural practice there is to entice customers but it doesn’t work like that. The greatest strategy to market your architectural practice is to be known as specialists in that sector. As a result, architects should categorize their work in their portfolio and establish their areas of specialty.

An Intriguing Website

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The success of your architectural practice may be made or broken by your internet presence as the modern world grows more and more dependent on technology. Your website design should be your priority when marketing online since, similar to architecture, a well-designed site may either entice or repel potential customers.

As well as featuring plenty of visual aids and samples of your work, make sure the style of your website represents your brand. In terms of digital marketing, many architecture businesses lag. They view their websites as straightforward online business cards. Instead of utilizing the website to develop the company’s identity, they will offer some fundamental information. Because internet marketing is an extremely effective tool for architectural businesses, you should avoid making this error. Few other marketing platforms provide you the chance to exhibit your products as your website does. For instance, you can publish your whole portfolio on your website to draw in potential customers. You could discover that the caliber of the photos in your portfolio is sufficient to attract new clients. Make those photographs on social media shareable, and you’ll be well on your way to developing a successful digital strategy.

Build a Reputation- Get Published

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People who operate in the industry will take note of your study and white paper releases. Just by the caliber of your work, you could open up new opportunities. However, there are other requirements for publishing than scholarly work. Your marketing efforts will benefit from any space you take up in publications like newspapers and trade magazines. Everything makes you appear more powerful. People are more likely to pay attention when you try to promote architectural services if they believe you are an expert in the subject. It’s common to practice mentioning an advantage you may provide readers in your postings. For instance, you may have a magazine containing useful information. If your piece is intriguing enough, your readers will be interested in reading more. Of course, you need to think about where you will be published. Nothing will matter if the wrong people read your content. Research relevant periodicals and start networking with editors to improve your chances of being published.

Pass on Your Newsletter

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How to use digital marketing for architecture enterprises? How can you keep users engaged even if your website is amazing and gets plenty of traffic? However, despite what they see on the internet, they could need your services straight away. When they require your services, if you don’t keep that potential consumer interested, they can forget about you.

When this happens, a newsletter can be helpful. Make use of your website to ask people to sign up for weekly or monthly emails. Often, a simple form asking for an email address is sufficient. Many people provide a bonus item, like a free leaflet, in return for signing up. Once you’ve obtained the user’s email address and enabled the DMARC record, you may begin sending newsletters. This will keep you at the top of the person’s mind and make you one of their top choices when they need architectural services.

Developing an Elevator Pitch | Marketing in Architecture

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A concise and convincing speech used by businesses to pique the attention and stir the feelings of their target audience is known as an elevator pitch. What you say in your elevator pitch will pique people’s interest in your business’s goods, services, or format.

Create an elevator pitch to effectively market your architecture practice. Possessing one will make it simpler for prospective consumers to learn more about the company and the advantages they will enjoy if they choose to deal with you. Providing this information is a quick and innovative strategy to assist your business in gaining clients quickly. A successful elevator pitch is short, upbeat, states your objectives, and emphasizes your company’s USP, or unique selling proposition. Let your elevator pitch be more genuine than rehearsed.

Search Engine Optimization

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SEO involves making your website more visible online so that customers may find you while looking for services similar to yours. You’ll get more traffic to your website and more possibilities to interact with potential customers if you show up on the first page of Google for queries about architectural practices. 

Keeping up the excellent work is essential if you want your SEO efforts to be successful in the long run. This can be done by hiring some digital marketing specialists like Dagmar Marketing.

Improve the visibility of your website in search results for architects in your city or state. By making your website search engine friendly, you may increase the likelihood that customers will find you when they search terms related to architecture. Identification of your target client may help to improve your internet exposure and marketing.

Make Use of Social Media

Different ways of marketing on different social media platforms_ ©
Different ways of marketing on different social media platforms_ ©

Even though social media may not be your primary means of generating leads, it is crucial for creating a trustworthy and genuine online presence. Don’t let it go to waste since it’s also simple to learn.

Architecture is a visual art style that works particularly well for marketing on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Ensure that you have accounts on all popular platforms and that the content you publish is engaging and consistent with your entire brand. Strive to establish a tone and style that matches your brand both visually and in terms of content, and try to post frequently. You may also present aspirational photographs of your previous work or simply publish information about the sector and views on recent trends. Make sure your posted content is appropriate for each situation’s target audience. Additionally, develop connections with companies and industry leaders and begin to establish your profile on architectural social media

Testimonials, Recommendations, and Reference

Testimonials and Recommendations_ ©
Testimonials and Recommendations_ ©

The First instinct of individuals is to read customer evaluations before choosing to employ a company’s services. As a result, providing positive feedback is a tried-and-true strategy for winning over prospects and converting them into customers. This tool is crucial for content marketing for architects because of this.

One should first try to obtain as many positive evaluations as feasible. However, their caliber and content are equally important. It is ideal if the evaluations go into detail about the type of services provided. Allow your potential customers to see the human side of your job in addition to your accomplishments. To do this, architects should post pictures and videos of their daily activities on social media. They can display themselves chatting about drawings at work, meeting suppliers, visiting sites, etc. They can discuss the company’s accomplishments and setbacks, as well as some amusing and touching stories about the workplace.

Scrutinize your Competition

Be aware of the market and analyze it_ ©
Be aware of the market and analyze it_ ©

For the growth of a firm and its future success, a competitive study is essential. It shows you how your competitors operate and identifies any possible market gaps. The analysis will provide you with information to point you on the proper path if you want to learn how to get better clients and outperform other businesses. 

Making a competitive analysis allows you to benchmark the growth of your company. Building a base or point of reference for measuring growth is the process of benchmarking. You get a bird’s-eye view of how your consumers see you and your competition when you do a competitive study. Understanding what succeeds while “selling architectural services” also requires studying failure. You may steer clear of the same problems, anticipate upcoming difficulties, and create workable solutions by researching less successful marketing strategies.

Innovate, Innovate, Innovate | Marketing in Architecture

Unique architectural practices represents innovation_©
Unique architectural practices represents innovation_©

Lastly, excellent design relies on innovation, thus as an architectural firm, it’s probable that you’ll always be seeking fresh methods to push the boundaries and develop innovative new ideas.

A great opportunity for promotion is to capitalize on this inventive mindset and work to position your business as the industry leader. This may make your business the subject of conversation.

Develop a creative approach or item that is unique to your business, work with academics to do cutting-edge research, or do both if you want to stand out from the competition. If you hunt for opportunities like these and find out how to put yourself at the forefront of the industry, people will talk positively and excitedly about your business. These are great sources for promotion across all channels and platforms.


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