“Technological Advancement” has become a necessity with all the innovations in science, materials, or other such aspects of life. This advancement has become a boon to our lives in one way or another. Doing several tasks is much easier than it used to be before now. Take the example of playing music, all we need to do is say it, and Alexa or Siri will play it for us. We no longer need to take the phone out, browse the song and then play. Now things are just one word away from us. This innovation has become world-changing for our lives as well as for our built environment. There are so many new technologies available to the designers and planners as well to help them with shaping the future. Examples of such innovations are 3D printers, Virtual reality, BIM, and many more. These technologies are proving an asset to help the designers in making a better living world. 

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In the same way, laptops, too, are slowly replacing computers in almost every sector. Laptops are portable and now with time, have become reliable among the users. This new technology has become a leading technology that gradually got accepted by various fields such as IT, marketing, architecture, and graphics. This innovation eventually led to a blind race of various brands to sell their laptops. Among these slowly emerging brands, ASUS also came into view in 1989 in Taipei, China. This company was founded by T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and M.T. Liao, who had previously worked at Acer as hardware engineers. Thus started as a small startup, Asus came out to be one of the leading hardware companies. But there are a few things we do not know about ASUS, so let’s look into some of the facts not known to us.

1. Born in a coffee shop

This might not be known to many, but the idea of starting up this hardware company came over a conversion between some enthusiastic engineers in a coffee shop. Gradually, this idea got turned into reality when in 1989, ASUS company was established. Soon, ASUS started developing and trading the world’s best motherboards, high-quality computers, motion graphic cards, and other advanced technologies. This all was the outcome of an idea that emerged in a coffee shop. 

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2. Pegasus as Asus

Very few users know that the name ASUS has been derived from Greek mythology. Yes, it’s true. Pegasus in Greek Mythology is a winged horse possessing great powers and is also regarded for his purity, wisdom, and knowledge. Following these traits, ASUS was selected as a name for this hardware company. ASUS promises strength and purity in its product as presented by Pegasus in Greek Mythology.

3. ROG Series

ROG stands for Republic for Gamers, and is accurate for its name as kept for the laptop series of Asus. These laptops are reserved for high-end gaming and are said to be an answer from ASUS to Alienware. This ROG series has a history with liquid cooling which is added in almost all the products, say mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. ASUS has launched a radiation dock, which can be equipped with any phone to provide more cooling to it and further increase its working efficiency.

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4. Leading manufacturer of motherboards

ASUS started as a leading brand for selling motherboards and currently accounts for around 40% of the sector’s market share. Along with the motherboards, ASUS sells almost all other hardware components for a computer like graphics cards, sound cards, DVD drives, computer networking devices, computer cases, computer components, and computer cooling systems. With this, ASUS has proven as one of the largest PC vendors in the world.

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As a precursor to Ultrabook and Chromebook, ASUS also came up with the idea of the Notebook in 1997, which gradually became a global top seller. This was the very first notebook launched as ASUS P6300. This notebook also came to be known as the EEE PC among its uses. The EEE PC had a small screen and streamlined hardware. The main aim of launching this notebook was to attract consumers with lower incomes to avail them of modern technology.

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6. Asus and Garmin

ASUS had a one-year partnership with Garmin which resulted in the production of six smartphones that ran on Linux, Windows mobile, and android. This smartphone focused on GPS navigation. Started in 2009 this partnership ended in 2010 when Garmin expressed its unwillingness to invest in the product. 

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7. The five virtues of Asus

ASUS works with following five main ideals or virtues namely, 

Humility: Possessing team spirit and being strongly motivated. 

Integrity: Accepting the strengths and weaknesses with honesty.

Diligent: Focusing on cost limits with the aim of “Do more with less”.

Agility: Being quick to grasp the fundamentals of any situation by seeking new opportunities. 

Courage: Comforting problems and embracing adversity. 

It has been able to come to the top of being a leading IT brand by following and sticking up to these virtues. 

8. Asus Motherboards

With the arrival of this computer generation, Intel Corporation would supply any new processors to companies like IBM first and Taiwanese companies would have to wait till IBM received their engineering prototypes. According to the company’s history, Asus created a motherboard prototype for using an Intel 486, but without any access to the actual processor. When Asus approached Intel to request a processor to test it, Intel was facing a problem with its own 486 motherboards. Asus solved Intel’s problem and it turned out that Asus’ motherboard worked correctly without the need for further modification. Since then, Asus was receiving Intel engineering samples ahead of its competitors.

9. Asus’ sustainability management

ASUS encourages sustainable management to reach a new milestone in the sustainable integration model of “digitising data, adopting scientific management”. It aims towards cooperating with its chain partners to adopt sustainability practices. ASUS has also involved a designated team to assess possible environmental impacts from corporate activities and to formulate strict rules to promote the improvement plans and minimise the environmental impact, eventually moving toward “zero pollution”.

10. Revolutionary idea

Early in the new millennium, ASUS set a new lean thinking motion which encouraged the employees to reach their potential while improving efficiency across the organisation. ASUS encourages open communication between all the levels within the organisation which only results in a top-end performance by the company. 

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