Sitting outdoors, admiring nature or just getting lost in the hustle of the city gives intense satisfaction. Outdoor seating has largely evolved from benches to fancy chairs. It has been a way to connect to oneself for a very long time. The catch about outdoor seating is the material. The style and aesthetics are important but the durability of the material and the strength play a really important role in the choice of the seating. Nowadays, combining inside and outdoors is so fashionable that we must consider outfitting our outdoor area just as much as we do our internal space. This is what sparked the creation of this guide.

1. Aluminum Garden Furniture | Outdoor Chairs

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Aluminium Garden Furniture_©

Aluminum furniture is light, rust-proof and easy to clean, and does not require painting or treatment. It may be readily moved due to its small weight. When the weather is too chilly to sit outside, aluminum furniture can easily be moved within. Its lifespan would be extended as a result of this. If not moved indoors during the winters, they might wear off soon. Before purchasing aluminum furniture, keep in mind that it cannot be folded for simple storage. Placing cushions over it will provide extra comfort while sitting.

2. Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

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Synthetic rattan is made up of plastic strands that have been weaved and coated. It is lightweight, inexpensive, easy to clean, weatherproof, and doesn’t require any painting or treatments. It is resistant to frost, water, and even the sun’s UV rays, so it will not fade in color even if left outside for an extended period of time. Synthetic rattan furniture comes in a variety of styles.

3. Outdoor Rocker Chair with Cushion

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Outdoor Rocker Chair with Cushion_©

This brown rattan masterpiece checks all the boxes for a more classic rocking chair. With its aluminum frame and two-cushion polyester, this becomes a perfect chair to read a book while sipping coffee in the afternoon.

4. Bistro Sets

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Bistro Sets_©

Bistro sets originated in the 19th century in France and are used with pub stools and a small round or oval café table. They are generally made of iron, but other materials are also available. In any yard, they seem incredibly stylish and classy. 

5. Natural Wicker Garden Furniture | Outdoor Chairs

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Natural Wicker Garden Furniture_©

Natural wicker furniture looks great in the garden. It appears to be gorgeous and lovely and it’s not too heavy. It is, however, not long-lasting. When not in use, it needs to be kept in an indoor storage facility. It must also be waterproofed once a year. This sort of outdoor furniture is more difficult to maintain.

6. Acapulco Chair

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Acapulco Chair_©

Acapulco chairs are made using traditional methods of weaving hammocks. These stylish chairs won’t rust on their powder-coated iron frames. They not only give an edgy style to the space but also add a touch of vernacular feeling.

7. Bertoia-style Side Chair

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Bertoia style side chair_©

Modernizing traditional seating, this mesh-back chair with removable leather seating serves to be perfect for the Sunday-brunch with family. It’s a fantastic match for the garden scene and is extremely aesthetically pleasing with its soothing white color which goes very well with the earthiness of its surroundings. 

8. Colourful Outdoor Stacking Dining Chairs 

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Colourful Outdoor Stacking Dining Chairs_©

Perfect for an outdoor party, these colored aluminum chairs are perfect to add pop to the celebration. Being stackable, these can be stored easily and taken out when necessary. 

9. Patio Swing Chair without Stand 

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Patio Swing Chair without Stand_©

With the freedom of a swing, this is a playful addition to the portico. Its synthetic rattan and polyester cushioning make it the ideal place to read a book, dangling peacefully from a steel chain.

10. Outdoor Seating Poufs | Outdoor Chairs

Outdoor Seating Poufs_©

This ready-made setting can be used to create a seating area which offers a right atmosphere for after-work beverages. They comprise two seating poufs and a slightly raised table.


Rajita Jain is an architect by profession who engages with the dynamics of urban spaces and the people. She aims at developing ways of amalgamating cultural and traditional beliefs with modern day technology to give the urban fabric a vernacular sensitivity.