Today the whole world revolves around CREATING. This trend has been going on with us for the past few decades when people realised the importance of innovating and evolving with time. Gradually people came up with various new ideas, be it engineering, fashion, food, or design, and brought a new era of evolution. It was the beginning of the new generation, a generation where technology, creativity, and innovations have always dominated. With time creativity has indeed upgraded, and with it, the need for creative professionals to upgrade their skills is directly related. But have you ever thought of why this upskill is needed? Why do we need to upskill when now, even without it, we are creating and designing spaces?

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The answer to the question asked is pretty straightforward. If, as a creator, we are putting down our ideas on a piece of paper, then we should try our level best to bring the concept as envisioned on the paper. And that happens very rarely. So to reach a point where our thoughts are getting reflected, we need to upskill. Whether it be writing, speaking, art, or any other realm, upskilling has become a necessity. And when things become necessary, it becomes mandatory to upkeep with the pace of things going on. Thus here comes the need for upskilling.

In the designing and graphics field, one has to strengthen his tangible skills. As a person involved in these fields, one designs his ideas, but are those thoughts always executed in real life? I am sure that the majority will have no answer. Isn’t it the same? So what exactly is the reason? When you look into the problem, you will realise that the core problem is with no one in particular, but just a mere lack of execution. Think of the reason that is abstaining you from executing your idea. The reasons might be summed up into roughly two or three reasons, among which the most relevant will be your skills. Yes, one’s professional skills need to be at a similar pace with the advancing world. Once a person starts focusing on his skills, he can notice the changes happening in his professional life. These skills might vary from communication to software skills or so on.

Thus, one might ask what the ways in which one can achieve that upskill in their professional life are. And to answer this, there are many ideas which may vary from one person to the other. But some of the basic ways to achieve that can be:

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1. Study In-depth about your Field | Creative professionals

The very first way towards upskilling is to go in-depth about the field in which we are involved. One should have a thorough knowledge of his field of interest. In this way, one can improvise and enhance his work. Through this process of reading and researching, one can explore many other methods and ideas which could have been used instead of the methods used earlier. This will eventually help us to work more creatively and smartly. Thus to have an upskill, one should start reading and researching about their field of interest. And then, eventually, through this process, one will gradually learn to implement those things in their works.

2. Get most of the Feedback

The other important way to upgrade your skills is to take feedback from your peers, guides, or even business partners. Most of us sometimes abstain from taking feedback because of the fear of getting a negative or a demotivating remark. But ask yourself, How can we make things better when we don’t know the flaws? So it is necessary to know different opinions about your work. Many times, through the feedback, we get new ideas that could be incorporated into our work. One should not be afraid of negative remarks and should rather accept them and try to improve them in your work. Thus, as a result, feedback results in making our work much better.

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3. Keep Experimenting | Creative professionals

Experimenting is one of the best ways to upgrade your skill. If we follow the same process to complete a work, it becomes boring and monotonous. Thus, one should keep on experimenting and exploring new ways of completing a task. Many times out of these experiments, we find many new ways which were not known to us and which might help us in enhancing our work. Thus one should always try to explore and come up with new ideas as this will help us in enhancing our skills. Thus always try to explore new ways and come up with new ideas while working.

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4. Talk to other Designers and Professionals

The other way of upskilling is to talk to the professionals involved in the field. While interacting with them, one will surely get numerous ideas and solutions to upgrade their work. Not only ideas, one will get to know how to work professionally and learn new ways of approaching any problem. Thus talking to the people who have been in the field long before us, have a lot of experience which might help in upgrading our skills, learn and grow.


Sameeksha, currently pursuing her architecture degree, is also inclined towards writing and pouring out her thoughts. Being an writing enthusiast as well as an architecture student, she constantly tries to grab every opportunity for writing and express her views for the built environment.