Life is a never-ending journey of accumulating knowledge. The act itself is both passive and active among humans. The choice of actively collecting knowledge is subjective for us; and the reasons behind the choices are all disparate for everyone. So now the question here arises- “To what extent?”. How many degrees should one pursue? What is the limit to it?

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Well, since this is a platform meticulously curated for the architecture folks, I’ll be discussing if one should go for a master’s in architecture or not. And if yes, then, is it better to aim for degrees overseas?

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It is entirely a personal choice of whether to go for a master’s or not, which depends upon the aspirations of the individuals that they have from their future. It would be wrong to assume that only one career path is right for all and there is only one single road to success. Surely we all have our definition of success. Some of the students always dream of operating their own architecture firm and running their own business. Some aspire to work for the government institutions and enjoy that setup of life with all the perks they would be entitled to. Few dream of climbing the ladders of the corporate world and running an MNC from a position of authority. There are so many more ideas and aspirations to list down, and all of them are justified and valuable.

Since it has already been established that there is no sureshot definite way to one’s success, this article would not be discussing who should go for a master’s abroad. Instead, the point of discussion would be what does the overseas experience has to offer, and the prospective students shall therefore decide for themselves.

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One of the greatest advantages an overseas master’s degree provides to Indian students is the multitudes of options in choosing the specializations. There are a plethora of career choices that an architecture student can make and a specialized degree in that particular field can prove to be a great push start in one’s career. There are not so many institutions of superior faculties and infrastructure providing graduate degrees in less familiar expertise in India.

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The global recognition of the degree is a big factor for students to pursue an overseas master’s degree. Even though India houses some of the prominent institutions of architecture education in the world, the count is quite less, and there are always better options abroad. Employers are increasingly searching for students with a global perspective, who are aware of other cultures and have the ability to collaborate with colleagues, stakeholders, and consumers from all over the world. 

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The relocation to a newer place gives one exposure that is much necessary to succeed in the career span of an architect. The inundation of the multicultural experience helps a person become more volatile with their creative thoughts. As we all know already, a design is the function of all the experiences the designer has had. Therefore, richer experiences would definitely churn better results.

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We all tend to look for betterment in our life. More luxury, more ease, more comfort, and more money. Doing a master’s from abroad could be the pathway to promotion into that lifestyle. All the developed countries have policies of letting the international graduate students stay in the country after completing their degree and work there. The post-study work visa tends to attract many international students for that reason. The industry in foreign countries pays significantly more to designers and architects as the profession remains undervalued in India.

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As mentioned earlier, India doesn’t have many specialized degree programs in the field of art and design. Yet, the country is home to brilliant minds capable of being the pioneers of what could be the turning point of their respective fields. Educational institutions in developed countries have world-class infrastructure and some state-of-the-art technologies to provide to their students. All these facilities combined, facilitate better research opportunities for the students.

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The capital involved in pursuing education has always been a matter of major concern. In the Indian societal construct, most of the time students don’t pursue the career of their liking because it costs a fortune. With graduate opportunities abroad, the situation is a little different. Almost all of the leading foreign educational institutes provide national as well as international students with heavy numbers of scholarships tending to cover all the expenses from their studies to their cost of living. Many countries have bilateral policies of supporting incoming students from different countries by sponsoring their studies. Researching well, and crafting their profile accordingly can land students many scholarship opportunities to live their dream.

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While there are myriads of reasons to opt for an abroad graduate degree, I would like to conclude the discussion by focusing on one of the major outcomes of the voyage. After talking to many of my peers who have been to foreign countries for their graduate degrees and to students who are still in their undergraduate courses, I’ve concluded that personal growth remains an important reason for the students to move out of their comfort zone and pursue a degree, miles away from their home. Meeting new people from different parts of the globe, exposing oneself to different cultures, and learning newer ways and dialects help individuals in their personal growth; and in the field of design, that plays an important role in the creative mind-set of an individual.

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Although it is a huge commitment to fly to a different country and spend a couple of years away from your motherland and your family, it is a personal choice based on what the individual wishes to seek from their career. Again, there is no single way to succeed and success itself is subjective, opting for a master’s degree abroad is recommended only if one really wishes to. It would be unwise to let others’ choices influence one’s decision.


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