Art has always been in close association with human existence to express bundles of emotion and issues. Art galleries are home to these pieces of artwork speaking histories and stories of mankind in varied individualistic fashion. The real purpose of these spaces is to foster the spirit and culture of the artistic community while also encouraging them and addressing social issues. What good is an artwork/technique in a closed room unless it is made available to the masses to look at? An Art Gallery is a platform for communication between the artists and the general public. They have been and will continue to be of vital importance to the society as it holds power to showcase the entire world and its worldliness in a nutshell with great depth. Therefore, reflecting and shaping society. Art gallery/exhibition to an individual or a viewer is quite a subjective experience and of varying importance quotient. The scale of inclination differs and depends on how and what art/artworks provoke in them. But for society on a macro scale, the significance of an art gallery is highly profound. Ambiance like this puts art in a visual/tangible form, where admirers can see and understand.

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Bhimbetka, India’s Oldest Art Gallery_© Michael Turtle

Purpose of Art Gallery
Art galleries are the key to art. It is not just a platform to showcase artworks but also a place for interaction, learning new art forms, and also a collaboration source. The concept of art is refined by how it is put before a viewer, presentation also has a vital role to play in the subject matter judgment. The aura of art galleries has a foremost objective of enhancing or glorifying the emotions and thoughts stroked in each piece of the space. The primary aim of an exhibition or gallery is to deliver the story behind its creation inspiring budding artists to discover/develop new attributes.
The importance of art galleries to the present and future of society or of an individual cannot be belittled by understanding the present scenario where they have come down to mere normal spaces. These premises are valuable and quintessential for wholesome and cultural development. Here are a few factors that highlight the role/importance of art galleries/exhibitions:

Holds is the history of mankind: Art galleries aren’t just standing and contemplating rows of artwork but they have stories to tell. They are a complex reflection of society’s cultures and history. Visual art from a very long time back including sculptures, drawings, paintings, etc., that sings the glory of the past and educates people on their historical cultural values and background. Artifacts like these are of immense historical importance. Treasures enclosed here are the symbol of heritage and make a visitor feel closer to home. Historical art galleries provide insight into the history of mankind making them common grounds for all sections of people while also providing perspective as to how people have been surviving and enduring battles of life.

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The Family of Man Displayed at Clervaux Castle, Luxembourg_©  CNA & Romain Girtgen

Formation/enhancement of art community: The importance of art galleries carries greater meaning for an artist at all stages of his/her career. Galleries support artists, by providing a grandstand for them with also being a source of feedback having a different perspective, and also giving recognition to them. Various activities like selling their artworks, publishing researches, etc., they promote creators in. It is through these establishments that artists make their way to good institutes augmenting their future opportunities. Along with this, He also inspired creativity, Pushing dynamic innovations. Artists are uplifted morally when their work is exhibited on such platforms, bringing good fame and stability.

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Creation of communities: Art Gallery is pleased to embrace a piece of work that is filled with expressions and emotions. These processes are slow and flowing. It is also very subjective and there is a great possibility of meeting like-minded people during these processes. Attending an art gallery/exhibition Can lead to the formation of groups or communities based on how the bunch perceives art, choice of art, art techniques, etc. An art gallery to promote such activities should also organize public events like lectures, workshops, or open exhibitions which bring people together and closer. Further making the masses realize the importance of art galleries.

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Creating Communities_©  David Shankbone

Preserving it for the future generation: Art galleries are important to the present as well as to the future to keep people grounded and tied to their roots. There are many technological advancements like virtual reality, digital guides, that have made art galleries cope with the technological advancements. For educating future generations these cultural institutes have to be maintained. It is of utmost necessity for the knowledge to be passed down. This is where the role and importance of art galleries come into the picture. Galleries if kept intact shall serve the coming times as a pristine source of knowledge and awareness. Educational programs organized by the art gallery will also serve as great knowledge enhancers.

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Preserving For Generations to Come, Cuba Gallery, Goa_© Sonny Singh

Role in society: Society is a group of diverse individuals but centers like art spaces remind people of their origin and the role of community in their lives. It brings people together and makes them aware of the need for Art and cultural values, which make life more meaningful. Cultural activities evoke a sense of community, human connectedness, and motivation. Art galleries are influential when it comes to this level on how what message is being conveyed and in what manner.

Why should one visit art galleries?
The importance of an art gallery is an undeniable fact, as institutes like these create tons of awareness and also bring light to warming issues. Visiting an art gallery quenches a thirst for facts and knowledge while also paving the way to inquisitiveness. It also encourages artists and has efficiency, pushing them to work harder and mark excellence. Creating values for all sectors on a larger scale, too!

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