Our daily life is becoming impeccable day by day. Productivity being a key factor, new products are being designed to make our life hassle-free and more time-saving. From smartphones to a staple-remover, all small products make a huge difference when it’s in the long run. Product designing software helps the designers in the same way. Being a sub-category of computer-aided design (CAD) product designing software allows designers to innovate and create 3D models of components and their assemblies during designing and manufacturing processes.

Here are the top 10 product design software that helps designers from designing to execution.

1. Rhino 3D

Rhino 3D, created by Robert McNeel & Associates, is a free-form modeler that uses curve modelling techniques known as NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline). This allows for a high degree of flexibility and accuracy throughout the 3D modeling process. Rhino 3D’s capacity to create lifelike renderings, animations, and drawings enhance user engagement as a product design software.

10 Top Product Design Software everyone should know about - Sheet1
Rhino 3D Designing_©Rhinoceres 3D

2. Blender

The Blender Foundation, an autonomous community benefit organization, established the Blender software in 2002. Blender, as an open and free 3D creative suite, covers the whole 3D workflow, including modeling, rigging, animation, simulations, renderer, compositing, motion tracking, video editing, and game development. Blender’s Python scripting API could be used to modify the program and develop specialized tools in future editions, allowing product designers to explore a wide range of creating and executing procedures. Blender, as a product design program, is simple to use and delivers a pleasant user experience.

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Toothbrush Designing in Blender_©Claas Kuhnen

3. Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a complete product development platform created on the cloud. It is a fantastic tool for extreme precision and accuracy 2D and 3D modeling, comprising animation, rendering, simulation, and preparation for CNC machining, among other things. As it has CAD, CAM, and CAE capabilities, this is a simple yet powerful product design program that can be used from the creation of a prototype to the finished product.

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Fidget Design in Fusion 360_©Autodesk Blogs-Shaan Hurley

4. Creo

Creo, also known as Creo Parametric, is another 3D CAD software program that enhances product planning and execution. Creo’s user-friendliness enables it to integrate sophisticated features with emerging technologies such as generative design, augmented reality, real-time simulation, and additive manufacturing. Creo is a product design program developed by PTC that can interact directly with other applications such as SolidWorks.

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Product Designing in Creo_©PTC Studio

5. Keyshot 

Keyshot is a 3D renderer and animation program. Keyshot’s maximum efficiency enables the use of materials and delivers very accurate material appearances, including true day and night light. Keyshot has over 750 preset materials in the program and more on the Keyshot Cloud, as well as the option of a custom creation. This program is simple and useful for product designers since it handles files from over 30 3D file types.

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Keyshot Interface_©Keyshot


MODO is a 3D modeling program that incorporates animations, texture and render capabilities. Their user interface is flexible and organized, and the procedure is quite rapid. With exact specifications, the program aids in the creation of a 3D product from concept to manifestation in a timely manner. It also continues to support OCIO, USD, and FBX. 

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7. 3ds Max

3ds Max, another Autodesk product, is a 3D modeling platform with an excellent toolset and total artistic freedom. Originally intended for architectural modeling, 3ds Max is now utilized as a product design program since it uses VFX to bring characters and characteristics to life. With the inclusion of an Arnold renderer, this program can tackle more complicated scenarios while being fluid and easy to operate with automation.

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Headphone modeling in 3ds Max_©Jose M Elizardo

8. ZBrush

Pixologic created the program ZBrush. Creatives use Zbrush for prototypes and small-scale projects. The program offers a variety of customized brushes, texturing, and paints digital clay in real-time with quick feedback. ZBrush, an Academy Award winner, is utilized by jewelry designers and toy/collectibles manufacturers.

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Jewellery Design in ZBrush_©CAD Jewellery Skills

9. Solid Edge

Solid Edge will be the only area in all software where you may handle every aspect of the product development process. Modeling and parametric design are possible with its synchronous technique due to its speed and clarity. The program has cloud-based features that improve the likelihood of immediate access to other 3D CAD operational devices and quick CAD setup. One of the software’s key selling points is that it does not require any internet connection to function.

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Solid Edge interface_©Siemens

10. Onshape

Onshape is the first SaaS product development platform that combines CAD with built-in information management, real-time collaboration, and data analytics. It may be instantly installed on any smartphone or computer for convenient worldwide conversation. Multiple design iterations can be done concurrently, with the best parts integrated into the final design following approval. Real-time design assessments, comments, and continuous editing allow for a collaborative process in which several design iterations may be performed simultaneously and the best aspects can be integrated into the final design following approval. Specs and designs for your product may be immediately shared with the manufacturing department or sources.

Product Development Platform-©Onshape_Onshape


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