Transportation Planner Jobs – The process of determining future policies, goals, investments, and spatial planning designs to deal with future needs to carry people and products to destinations is known as transportation planning. It is now a coordinated process that includes input from a variety of stakeholders, including government agencies, the public, and private businesses. To influence favourable results, these planners use a multi-modal and/or comprehensive strategy to analyse a variety of alternatives and effects on the transportation system.

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Evolution of Transport Planning | Transportation Planner 

For most of recorded history, transportation has been a self-motivated and self-managed activity. When people found it useful to band together into tribal units, some group travel evolved, and freight travel arose when man utilised tamed animals to transport commercial products. As armies grew in size, troop movement became more important, and the necessity for supplies, reinforcements, and messages necessitated the establishment of regular transportation services. The logistics component of these armies was most likely where the initial transport planning took place. Conquered countries required transportation for administration, the return of booty, and taxation once the army had accomplished its mission. how past transportation planning successes have been linked to an understanding of travel behaviour, as well as modelling and anticipating that behaviour. As a result, good incremental progress has been made, as well as increasingly intelligent policy judgments.

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Within the next few decades, technology will have a significant impact on our transportation alternatives, networks, and spending patterns. Due to a number of developing technologies that are transforming the way we design and develop our future roads, parking, transportation networks, and Intelligent Transportation Systems, public officials must begin preparing now for an unavoidable, dramatically different infrastructure future.

Career Scope

A transportation planner collaborates with government agencies to discover and implement successful solutions for mass transit coordination. Walking, cycling and flying are all options for transit routes. A transportation planner usually communicates vocally, in writing, or through the media in a graphic manner. In India, the market for transportation planners, or more precisely 100 smart city projects, has reached a saturation point. Parking shortages continue to be an issue, necessitating the services of transportation planners and consultants. The per-capita-trip-rate is directly related to development (PCTR). Increased travels necessitate greater mobility infrastructure, as well as fuel-efficient and safer automobiles. People pay a premium for punctuality, comfort, and reliability as their Value of Time rises with their wealth. 

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  1. The per-capita-trip-rate is directly related to development (PCTR). Increased travels necessitate greater mobility infrastructure, as well as fuel-efficient and safer automobiles.
  2. People pay a premium for punctuality, comfort, and reliability as their Value of Time rises with their wealth.
  3. After the defence, transportation is the second most expensive expenditure in the Indian government’s annual budget.
  4. After food and education, transportation is the third most expensive item in a household’s budget.
  5. In India, there are 0.23 transportation planners per 100,000 people, which is lower than Nigeria’s (1.44) and abysmal when compared to the United Kingdom (38).

Therefore, India has the brightest future in Transportation planning at the current stage.

Qualification needed | Transportation Planner

Employers have different degree requirements for this industry. Others will offer graduate schemes and/or positions to candidates with a wide range of degree backgrounds, while some will be explicit in the degrees they require graduates to have. Students in high school should begin their study in this field by concentrating on important subjects such as geography (which is required) and, if possible, anything connected to environmental sciences. Students should also score well in mathematics and English language and communication. Students will be in an excellent position to pursue appropriate degrees as a result of this. In logistics, civil engineering, economics, geography, and public policy, a bachelor’s degree is frequently necessary. For management or supervisory positions, a Master’s degree is usually required, as well as several years of related experience.

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Skills required: Given below are some of the skills and understanding is required for becoming a successful transportation planner.

  1. Critical thinking is the process of identifying the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems using logic and reasoning.
  2. Coordination – Adjusting actions with others’ actions.
  3. Judgment and Decision Making – Assessing the relative costs and benefits of various options in order to select the best one.
  4. Systems Evaluation – Identifying system performance metrics or indicators, as well as the activities required to improve or correct performance in relation to the system’s goals.
  5. Systems analysis – The process of determining how a system should function and how changes in circumstances, activities, and the environment will affect the result.

Online courses

Sr. No. Course What you will learn
1. Transportation System Planning Fundamentals Overall foundation on Transportation System Planning Process
2. Transportation Management Fundamentals You will learn the different types of cost structures and rates used within the transportation industry
3. Urban Land use and Transportation Planning Transportation Demand Modelling using software



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