UX Design is the process of designing products and services keeping the user in mind at all times. The central focus of Ux lies in the user experience function. 

It focuses on the interaction between real human users and everyday products and services, such as websites, apps, and even coffee machines. It’s a diverse discipline associating psychology, business, market research, design, and technology. To put it otherwise, a UX designer is a jack of all trades. 

UX has obtained a lot of traction of late among students and professionals, keen on providing an effortless and fluid experience to their clients. 

UX is best suited for: 

If you aspire to widen your horizons and explore a field that still feels connected, then UX could be for you. UX embraces people from all walks of life and underpins opportunities for everyone. The learner will have to acquire some basic skills and interests before diving into the field:

  1. Must put the User first at all times
  2. Acutely interested in Technology 
  3. Be able to Shuffle with Variety
  4. Have a good eye for details
  5. Enjoys problem-solving
Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet1

Along the journey of the course, a more comprehensive skillset like soft skills, industry skills and crossover skills will be procured.

A lot of universities have recognised the need and growth of UX design among students.

A list of 15 colleges across the globe that offer UX design courses:

1. Chitkara University, Chandigarh

Course- B.Des. in User Experience (UI/UX)
Total Fees- 7.20 Lakh
Duration- 4 years

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet2

The UX course at Chitkara offers a great deal of expertise in the practical field. The course includes various projects, well-curated assignments and internships for students. The faculties are experts in their respective fields and include both part-time and full-time faculty. The college also offers great placement opportunities, and therefore, the work-life after is taken care of for the students.

2. Ecole Intuit Lab, Mumbai

Course- UG in Visual Communication and Digital Design
Specialisation- UI/UX
Total fees- 20.00 Lakh
Duration- 4 years

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet3

The course at Ecole is a four-year programme that includes theory and studio classes. Apart from that, the college trains students with the help of real-world assignments and projects. And as for the internship, the college’s curriculum proposes two industrial internships. 

Two internships

Placements in India, Europe, and America. 

International workshops

Professionals from different countries conduct seminars and workshops. These workshops give students a more comprehensive knowledge of the existing design problems and stratagems to tackle them. 

Exchange Programme

One semester. 

3. MIT Institute of Design, Pune

Course- B.Des. in User Experience
Duration- 4 years

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet4

The UX course at MIT is slightly more advanced and opens up to new dimensions of Ux design. The four-year programme at MIT throws light on concepts like 

  • Information architecture
  • Ethnography
  • Prototype engineering and
  • Visual design

Apart from these, the course focuses on entertainment, aesthetics, immersive experience and play. This course serves well and prepares professionals for the real world. 

4 RV University, Bangalore

Course- B.Des. in User Experience
Total fees- 14.00 lakh
Duration- 4 years 

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet5

The UX course at RV is elaborate and diverse. The four-year programme offers specialisation in multiple skills and areas of UX. The course offers:

  • Digital Skills
  • User Research 
  • Material Knowledge 
  • Sensitive Design Skills
  • Knowledge of Human Behaviour 
  • Society and Culture Sensitivity 

The course aims to prepare students to recognise concurrent problems and to indulge in critical thinking. The practice qualifies students to come up with creative and conventional solutions.

5. The Design Village, Noida

Course- B.Des. in Interaction Design
Total fees- 18.50 lakh
Duration- 4 years

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet6

The Ux course at The Design Village specialises in Interaction Design. This programme provides knowledge and a unique perspective in the field of interaction design by training students in dexterities like visualisation, communication, ethnography, brand building and research. This course is a complete package because it provides expertise in the area of making, marketing, manufacturing and communication of interaction design. 

6 Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology,

Course- B.Des. human-centred design
Total fees- 19. 16 Lakh
Duration- 4 years 

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet7

The Ux course at Srishti specialises in Human-centred design. This programme focuses on solving problems surrounding human concerns. This program focuses on producing systems by exploring the possibilities of new technology. 

This course aims to create a learning environment that promotes creativity and human-centric experiences that exist and the one developing. The core of this programme is imaginative critical making used as a vehicle to ideate and deliver through technology. 

7. Interaction Design Program at George Brown College, Toronto

Course- Interaction Design
Total fees- 20.3 Lakh (Domestic)
Duration- 3 years

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet8

The Ux course at George Brown is considered to be an evolving field that holds futuristic visions. This programme is curated as per the psychological, social, economic factors that shape the world. The course presents new methods of human-computer interaction systems and services. The students are assigned multiple challenges like addressing mixed realities,  immersive environments and spatial relations. The features of this course are:

  • Usability testing
  • Research
  • Collaboration
  •  Real-world projects

8. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Course-MSc Design for Interaction (DFI)
Total fees- 30.2 lakh
Duration- 2 years 

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet9

This programme aims to train students to put themselves in the consumer’s shoes and then design products. The course covers most of the topics encompassing aesthetics, ergonomics, psychology and sociology. Students are trained to formulate design concepts and to develop experiential archetypes. The course focuses on user analysis, product interactions and applying technology in the development of products. In the projects, students are expected to implement what they have studied.  

9. The University of Waterloo, Stratford, Ontario

Course- Interaction of Design and Business
Annual fee- $13,155
Duration- 4 years

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet10
©university of waterloo

This course offers to learn in a competitive, practical, project-based environment. This, in turn, trains students to collaborate with their peers, faculties and professionals. The course incorporates the latest technology and paid internships and the option to work with companies relevant to one’s project. The last two years of the course provides an option of studying abroad. This university is the right choice for anyone looking for heavy exposure to the industrial world. 

10. Standford University, California

Course- Human-computer interaction program
Duration- 3 years

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet11
©stanford university

 This course enables students to design intuitive modes and interfaces that focus on Human-computer interaction. Students are given the opportunity to create and build virtual social environments, suitable interfaces and coherent visualisations. 

11. Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne

Course- UX Interaction Design
Duration- 3 years 

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet12

The programme provides students with a comprehensive knowledge about the design and working of industries. The course also showcases branded environments, wherein, communication is focused on retail and exhibition. The major focus of design is on information within web design, print and digital media. Other than that, the course offers branding, illustration, photography and packaging lessons. 

12. Santa Monica College, Santa Monica

Course- Bachelor’s Degree in Interaction Design
Duration- 64 weeks

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet13
©purdue_michael hickey

This course specialises in Interaction Design and its history. The principles of human-centred design and screen-based interaction patterns are taught to students. Students are educated on designing the behaviour of interactive interfaces and understand how each decision impacts the user’s experience. Students are required to research and analyse historical modes and contemporary user interfaces. In the end, students learn to design and demonstrate using human-centred design principles. 

13. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Course- Computer Graphics Technology, UX design degree
Duration- 3.5 years (with work experience)

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet14
©copenhagen institue

The main learning experience in this university happens in studios. The studios include active participation and engagement of the students for learning and working on projects and developing skills and concepts. The course offers two types of studios: Learning and Experience Studios. 

Learning Studio- Students conduct user research, outline problems and create prototypes.  

Experience Studio- Students apply the skills acquired in the learning studios on projects for clients. 

14. Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Course- Interaction Design Programme (IDP)
Duration- 1 year
Total fee- 2.15 Lakh

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet15
©universiy of queensland

The Copenhagen Institute presents a collaborative environment for students and faculty to work unitedly in a multidisciplinary setting. 

The programme imparts fundamental skills associated with product interactions, screen interactions and strategic interactions. The course unfolds several avenues by inviting various international experts. 

15. The University of Queensland, Australia

Course- Master of Interaction Design
Total fees- 4.05 lakh
Duration- 2 years

Top 15 colleges providing UX Degrees across globe - Sheet16

The course revolves around the shifting production languages, professional design context and converging technologies. Students learn the fundamentals of graphics for print technology and page anatomy. Apart from that knowledge on construction, design production and requirements for screening is gained. 

The following colleges are among some of the top colleges globally that offer UX design degrees. Apart from these, online classes and masterclasses can be leveraged for User Experience courses. 


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