Pursuing Furniture design as a profession seems like an excellent career choice. It’s a Creative and Respectable profession with a remarkable combination of fashion, materials, and function with a direct impact on carving spaces with its shape, style, and color. The Pieces of Furniture combine in a space making the space livelier and functional. The profession also seems well as a paid job. 

Becoming a furniture designer is effortful however few individuals prefer to learn this subject in depth further and opt to study for masters. It requires immense creativity, dedication, and in-depth study of the competitive market making it extremely crucial to choose colleges or universities for masters in furniture design wisely.

We provide you a list of the top 15 colleges and universities for studying masters in furniture design programs across the globe based on the QS University Rankings.

1. Istituto Marangoni, London

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Istituto Marangoni,London_©LocalTourmake

Istituto Marangoni offers the master’s course for 15 months. The college aims to advance the design skills and in-depth knowledge of students. They also engage students in learning various skills, learning new technology and material.

2. Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

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Varginia Commonwealth University_©Jeff_Auth

VCU offers a master’s program for 2 years. The course involves – seminars, history courses, studio visits. VCU encourages its students to develop ideas and forms of expression for execution in reality. Students are also provided with a variety of scholarships and graduate assistantships more than other colleges.

3. HDK – Valand – Academy of Art and Design, Gothenburg, Sweden

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HDK-valand-Academy of art and design_©natalie Greppi

The Master’s program in HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design offers a master’s degree in 2 years. Students In the colleges are encouraged to engage in the explorative and hands-on design process through materials considering user’s needs and are expected to develop and design according to the current database and perspectives in relation with the society.

4. Technological University Of Mixteca, Mexico

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technological university of mixteca_©www.diariomarca.com

TUM offers a 2 years design program for students pursuing masters in furniture design. The university works towards practically training the students with disciples of design, manufacturing, and marketing, technological and analytical ability to lead and solve problems.

5. The Florence Institute Of Design International, Florence, Italy

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The Florence Institute Of Design International, Florence_©florence-institute

The Master’s program in the institute offers the master’s degree in 1 year (30 weeks). Students In the colleges are encouraged to develop knowledge and skills with the aspects of furniture & its production. The program is designed with design studios, lectures, introduction to the history and computer software’s like – Rhinoceros, VRAY, and 3d Studio max. 

6. Istituto Marangoni, Milano, Italy

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Istituto Marangoni, Milano_©istitutomarangoni

Istituto Marangoni offers a 1-year degree program for master’s in furniture design. The degree Programme Emphasizes the design process to execution with technological and aesthetic skills. The software to create 3D models and professional presentations are also made a part of their learning process with a series of research projects in collaboration with successful design brands in Italy. The College ensures that the master’s program provides maximum exposure.

7. PoLi.design, Milan, Italy

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PoLi.design, Milan_©ipsera2019

PoLi.design offers the degree for master in furniture design in 1 year. The core of the design program is to generate knowledge between the Italian production system and professions involved in the design and aims to develop knowledge for the competitive market.

8. Rochester Institute of Technology, United States

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RochesterInstitute of Technology_©collegeconsensus

The furniture design master’s program is a 2-year program structured to support and furnish each interest and aesthetic development. Students are encouraged to develop advanced aesthetics, design sensibility, conceptual development and to strengthen their construction strategies and techniques.

9. Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom

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Nottingham Trent University_©studyabroad.shiksha

Nottingham Trent University Offers a master’s program in furniture design for 1 year. The university aims to provide an innovative approach to designing and services. The course emphasizes helping the students in building a relationship between traditional craft skills and modern technology and ensures to provide students with a broad range of strategies and helping them understand and explore social and market needs.

10. London Metropolitan University, London

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London Metropolitan University_©ilwindia

 London Metropolitan University provides the master’s program in 1 year. The program intends to teach the students the increasingly blurred traditional roles and to tackle ambiguous problems. The emphasis in the teaching process is given on adoption, applying creative design solutions to emerging needs, and highly conceptualized designs. 

11. Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

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Birmingham City University_©studyabroad.shiksha

The university offers a design program for 12 months. The Birmingham City University focuses on the development of contemporary, innovative, creative products of furniture with a high emphasis on Commercial and social understanding. Students are encouraged to explore techniques and materials throughout the program.

12. Kingston University, London, United Kingdom 

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Kingston University _©kingston.ac.uk

Kingston University’s master in furniture design program is scheduled to be 1 year. The university emphasizes recognizing the diversity of design practices and decides to prepare the students for employment, unlike most design schools. Learning new skills and executing them, in reality, is highly expected and appreciated in the university. Live Client Projects are hence an integrated part of the program.

13. Savannah College of Art and Design, Tennessee, USA

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Savannah college of art and design_©collegedunia.com

The College offers and supports its students to complete the degree course in  1 year. SCAD aims to help students master the medium of furniture design and design their collections with highly advanced resources. They also Involve learning of professional software and hands-on design implementation in their college.

14. Rhode Island School of Design, USA

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Rhode Island School of Design_©studyabroad.shiksha.com

Furniture design at RISD offers a 2 years master’s program. RISD helps students work towards material research and intensive immersion in the learning process as a student. Students are encouraged to investigate and study current issues and changing technologies with new materials with also evolving lifestyles.

15. University Of Arts, London

university of arts,london_©studyabroad.shiksha.com

The University of Arts offers a 2-year master’s program to students with extremely rich material–led creativity. The program focuses on process and execution. Students are encouraged to follow their interests and learn evolving boundaries of embracing ideas, disciples beyond traditional definitions allowing creative practices to emerge and manufacture.


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Disha is an architecture graduate from Nagpur University, 2021. Being an avid traveler, she has always tried to connect the city’s art & culture with architecture. She is a keen learner & an extremely creative individual who always seeks opportunities to enhance knowledge & experience in the field of architecture.

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