Career in Architecture, We are enveloped by fascinating structures, alluring interiors, we admire cities for ease of their wayfinding and visit tourist spots for the historical structures, heritage and culture attached to it, we relish welcoming public space and beautiful landscapeall this and much more is what architecture is all about. It makes the users’ life convenient, interesting and strives to make them better. 

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In a more technical language, it is the art and science of designing space. Norman Foster puts it well: “As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown.” Architects have a social responsibility towards the population and the environment. And they must think of the ageing and timelessness of the structure. 

Architecture can make numerous psychological impacts on the user and hence right and considerable knowledge of nearly everything is essential. This being said, defining architecture or confining it in a sentence is simply not possible. 

Future Of Architecture | Career in Architecture

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Future of architecture_©  httpswww.azuremagazine.comarticle10-architecture-projects-will-shape-torontos-future

Architecture is an ever-evolving field. This is because the needs and demands of the people keep on changing, the requirements for a better world keep on evolving and the concerns keep on increasing. Contemplating the current trends, we can assume that the future of architecture can be about sustainability for a better future. 

More importance will be centred on the fields like urban design, biophilic architecture and climate-responsive architecture. There can be immense use of technology and maybe robots can help humans with construction. Immense innovation in the field can be predicted.

Evolution Of Architecture as a Field

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It is difficult to describe the evolution of the field as it is the evolution of mankind. We all must agree that architecture should respond to existing lifestyle, climate, art, geographical location, social and economic factors, resources, technology, etc. The moment there is a change in any of these parameters, it should start reflecting in the design. Throughout history, the parameters have changed considerably and architecture always reflected these changes. From the need to protect from the animals to the need to protect from the enemies, the strength of the structure changed.

The need for comfort has always been constant. The structures have changed depending on the respective movement in that eraRenaissance, Baroque, Industrial and list goes on. The field has evolved depending on these factors. Various pioneers of architecture left their remarks on the field we see today and will continue in the future. 

Career Scope in Architecture

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Career scope_© httpscampushunt.inblogbest-b-arch-colleges-bangalore-india

Architecture is a multi-disciplinary firm. So it caters to a huge spectrum of interests and has something for everyone. Architecture entails numerous fields – urban design, landscape, interior design, urban planning, construction management, event management and much more. With these many fields at hand, it is easier to have a great opportunity for one’s career. 

After graduation, a person can start his/ her firm, work in a corporate office or even choose to study later. Again, choosing to work has numerous optionsfrom photography, journalism, teaching to research, and conservation to planning.

Qualifications Needed | Career in Architecture

To qualify as an architect in India, you need a 5-year undergraduate degree from a COA-affiliated college. This entails having a basic knowledge of all the subjects and an internship period of 6/12 months. To get into an architecture institute, you need to give NATA and JEE as an entrance exam and any other particular requirement of the institute you are aiming for. 

Top 3 Countries to pursue Architecture

While India is a good place to work on architecture, the working hours and work culture does not suit everyone. A lot of countries abroad have amazing firms to work on. A lot is occurring in architecture in terms of innovation, creativity and development. Below are some countries where architects can work as professionals with the salary mentioned –  

1. Canada

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Architecture career in Canada _©  httpsraic.orgnews2016-governor-generals-medals-architecture-honour-outstanding-buildings-across-canada

You are not allowed to use architect as a title if you are not a licensed architect according to the rules of Canada. To work as a licenced architect, you need to submit some documents like your degree and transcript. The work culture is celebrated and the people are friendly. The Canadian landscape is alluring and a great place to travel and work. 

The average salary of an Architect here is $88,701per year.

2. USA

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USA _© httpswww.wallpaperflare.comcityscapes-streets-architecture-urban-buildings-usa-new-york-city-town-taxi-modern-1920×1080-wall-architecture-modern-hd-art-wallpaper-swzvb

As we talk about jobs and careers in architecture, the USA is bound to be one of the top ones. The same rules apply here as any other countryyou need to have a license from the country itself to work there. The best thing here is you meet people from all nationalities and experiences. Mostly all the big projects are with the firms here. The experience one gets here is remarkably useful and also it is a great place to travel and learn.

The average salary is $89,560 for graduate architects. 

3. Norway

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Norway _© httpswww.wallpaperflare.comnorway-city-architecture-houses-mountains-trees-sea-wallpaper-mmgin</span>
Norway _© httpswww.wallpaperflare.comnorway-city-architecture-houses-mountains-trees-sea-wallpaper-mmgin

Apart from being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, this place is also great for architects. The cost of living in this country is high but the pay is good. If you can stand the weather, there is nothing better than working with charming scenery outside your window. There are no strict rules for being licensed architects here so you can work easily here. 

The average salary is 707,000 NOK per year.

Other than the mentioned countries, England, Australia, China, Singapore are some other places for a great working environment and good pay. 

Online Courses you can opt in Architecture | Career in Architecture

An architect or a student can always increase their knowledge or skillset by learning more. People who are thinking of pursuing this field can enroll in these courses and learn more about architecture.

1. What do Architects and Urban Planners do?

<span style="font-weight: 400;"> EDx course for architects _© https</span><span style="font-weight: 400;">www.edx.orgcoursewhat-do-architects-and-urban-planners-do</span>
EDx course for architects _© httpswww.edx.orgcoursewhat-do-architects-and-urban-planners-do

This course gives you a basic idea as to what architects do and what urban planners, urban designers and landscape designers work for. It teaches the basic skills for the listed fields and tells you what to expect if you work in the said fields. It is around a 3 weeks course and the student needs to commit around 3 hours a day here. It is an introductory level course hence easy to understand and it is free, hence more accessible. 

2. Sustainability in Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

<span style="font-weight: 400;">course on sustainability _© httpswww.edx.orgcoursesustainability-in-architecture-an-interdisciplinar</span>
course on sustainability _© httpswww.edx.orgcoursesustainability-in-architecture-an-interdisciplinar

It gives you an idea of sustainability so that you learn at your own pace. It also talks about urban policies. It talks about the emerging trends in architecture in the time span of 4 weeks. 

3. Modern Japanese Architecture Part 1: From Meiji Restoration to the Pacific War

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Modern Japanese Architecture Part 1: From Meiji Restoration to the Pacific War_©  </span><span style="font-weight: 400;"></span>
Modern Japanese Architecture Part 1: From Meiji Restoration to the Pacific War_©

If you are someone who loves the use of bamboo in their house, who loves low ceilings, geometric homes with minimalist design and the history of Japanese architecture and culture, this course is for you. This course talks about the elements and characteristics of Japanese architecture and its history in a timeframe of 5 weeks. 

Skills Required for an Architect

Skills required for architects _© httpseasynirman.compostsqualities-to-search-in-an-architect
Skills required for architects _© httpseasynirman.compostsqualities-to-search-in-an-architect

While some would argue architecture is about passion and creativity, there are also other skills essential for becoming a successful architect. While you can develop these skills, you also learn these in your architecture education consciously or subconsciously. Some skills required for making your architecture career useful are:

  • Maths and geometry for understanding the strength, feasibility and design of the structure.
  • Creativity for innovation and new ideas.
  • Communication skills to present your ideas to clients.
  • Leadership skills to manage a team and lead the project with teamwork.
  • Visualising skills to know how the structure would look once it is built.
  • Artistic skills 
  • Problem-solving nature to have an innovative solution to the difficulties

While these are just some skills passed down from different people, hard work, patience and dedication is the key factor for a successful career.

Various Diversions from the Architecture Field | Career in Architecture

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Various fields in Architecture _© httpswww.architecturelab.netcareers-you-can-pursue-with-a-degree-in-architecture</span>
Various fields in Architecture _© httpswww.architecturelab.netcareers-you-can-pursue-with-a-degree-in-architecture

Architecture caters to everyone’s passion and interest. There are numerous fields for people of particular interest. For people in love with nature and landscape; there is landscape architecture, interior design for interior enthusiasts, conservation architecture for people interested in heritage and history, urban design for people interested in public design, journalism for people interested in writing and so much more. All these fields have seen a spike in career opportunities.

Architecture can be a great career option if you wish to do something for society, the environment, people, heritage and country. It is a great field to showcase your talent, creativity and innovation. All you need is skill, knowledge, dedication, creativity and patience. 


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A keen observer and nature enthusiast, Pranita is a final year architecture student. She believes architects need to be empathic and compassionate to acknowledge users’ obstacles and comfort. She relishes reading about urban design, art, aesthetics, spaces, people, countries, culture and craves to learn more. Barring this, she squanders her time overthinking and anticipating the worst aftermath.