An Architect is a person who has a large avenue of opportunities related to the building industry. The Building Industry is in the sector which is always advancing in various sectors. It is also a key factor in the development of any city or moreover any country hence, it is an ever reforming segment. There are various parts of the real estate industry viz. infrastructure development, urban development, and other construction activities. 

Role of Architect in Real Estate Industry
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The common thread connecting all these factors of the building industry is Real Estate. If we try to define Real Estate then it may be termed as- A property with land, it is a constructed building, and natural resources present on site. Thus all the components of the building industry are ultimately converted into Real Estate.

Let us first understand how the real estate industry works- Real estate developments happen via builders or developers who aspire to convert a particular property into a building that will ultimately give an income and profit. Property may or may not be owned by the developer but they are majorly responsible for the financial and legal aspect of the project. 

The overall strategy to be executed for the development of the project and requirements are finalized by real estate developers along with the client. This is where the role of Architects comes into the picture and that plays a vital role in converting this vision into reality.

An Architect has well-versed knowledge about buildings and their construction. He understands the utility of the property in a very proper way and that is always very important for the actual development of the property. An Architect knows the typology and has thorough knowledge about the use of the typology to be proposed and constructed. 

With the quality of vision along with creativity and imagination, an Architect can always guide the client or developer in the right direction. Thus, involving architects from the early stage of development is a sensible decision for proper development of the property in the Real Estate industry.

Real Estate development requires a lot of planning not only in terms of design but from basics. The documentation is a vital aspect that involves the role of the architect for approval in the sanctioning of the project. An Architect knows all the norms about the construction of the building and his role becomes important here to fit the requirements framed by the developer or client in the norms prescribed by the Authorities. This is a very important step as after this the actual development starts on the site level after approval.

After approval from the authorities, the project becomes live and actual development begins on site. Along with the sanctioning architect also gives a proposal for the design of the property and that is also simultaneously worked upon and is explained to the developers and clients for further planning. The complete development is then scheduled and multiple agencies are appointed to execute the same. 

For the smooth functioning of all these, the role of the architect becomes important in the real estate industry. He understands both the design and development factors and can be the perfect bridge between them both.

Once the project starts, then the schedule given by the architect is very beneficial for the smooth functioning of the project. An architect is always the chief of building work and hence he understands the co-ordination required for the projects in the real estate industry. He can administer and manage the work effectively and efficiently. 

The overall role of an Architect in the real estate industry is related from start to end of the project. If we want sensible and smart development in the real estate sector then the role of the architect becomes vital in shaping it.


Srushti Tiwari is the Principal Architect for Chaukhat Designs, Nagpur. She is also a faculty at Institute of Design Education and Architectural Studies (IDEAS), Nagpur. She is keen about research based works and likes to explore the culture and community. She is also associated with Studio Sakha as an Associate Architect. She believes working with different types of people help you grow and hence is constantly engaged in some or the other collaborative works related or co-related to Architectural Field.