Restoring physical fabrics of historic structures must not just ensure the accurate imitation of its aesthetic appearance but also protect the cultural integration of communities and the creation of sustainable economies. The sensitive concept of restoration requires a multifaceted understanding of all the aspects involving the preservation or conservation of structures that belong to a different time. And a good amount of understanding comes from books that explain the theory that goes behind the practice of restoration architecture. 

Here are 10 books that demystify the concept of restoration architecture with ease:

1. Authenticity in Architectural Heritage Conservation by Katharina Weiler and Niels Gutschow

This book offers an intriguing perspective on how authenticity is a key factor in evaluating the effective restoration of cultural heritage structures. With thought-provoking discussions and compelling experiences presented by art historians, architects and conservationists from Germany, Japan, Nepal and India, the book redefines the concept of authenticity and differential approaches towards re-shaping authenticity in the design process. 

The book comprises 16 chapters with over 180 apt pictorial illustrations and a collection of terminologies in a wide variety of languages – German, English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Nevari and Nepali, classical Chinese, and standard Mandarin, and Japanese. This enables a better understanding of cross-cultural investigations that reiterate the nuances involved in the delicate concept of authenticity. 

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2. Building Conversion and Renovation (Architectural Design) by Arian Mostaedi

The elaborate restoration and renovation is indeed a herculean task that demands creative yet minimal interventions from the designers leading the project. Addressing these concerns, the author too urges his readers to endeavor and experiment with their natural inhibitions but also to preserve the cultural integrity of the existing historic structure. While it might be difficult to find a middle ground, the book guides its readers to accomplish successful restoration design by sampling selected established projects such as converted monasteries, villas, castles and factories along with clear sketches, construction details, and floor plans. 

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3. Architectural Conservation: Issues and Developments: A Special Issue of the Journal of Architectural Conservation by Vincent Shacklock

This book is penned down by some of the leading practitioners and scholars addressing the then-current scenario of conservation architecture in the UK and bringing to light the vague approach of the government towards conservation and restoration projects. The book also highlights the need for a clear notion of the importance of heritage structures, prerequisites for adequate training in concerned fields, and the shared responsibility of the government towards such projects.

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4. Architectural Conservation: Principles and Practice by Aylin Orbasli

A perfect handbook for students and professionals alike, this book is an explanatory guide on architectural conservation. It is curated within 8 chapters that deal with elementary concepts such as the theory and the principles behind conservation architecture. After establishing a clear understanding of the need for conservation, the book then moves on to explain a series of case studies that discuss the causes of decay in physical structure, the sensitive restoration of materials, and the hassles that come along with conservation projects.

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5. Makli, Sindhi Islamic Architectural Conservation by Javeria Shaikh 

This book is an extensive research that deals with the conservation of three specific sites located in and around the Makli Necropolis – one of the oldest and largest funerary sites in the world. The author elaborates on the cultural relevance of the site, the socio-economic factors in Sindh, Pakistan; and presents a detailed analysis of the diagnosis that was adopted to conserve the indigenous porous material. This research also acknowledges the experimental semi -monolithic techniques used in the site. 

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6. Designing from Heritage: Strategies for Conservation and Conversion by Marieke Kuipers and Wessel de Jonge

The book is a third in the Rondeltappe series that focuses on the timelessness attributed to heritage structures and its sustainability. Divided into 4 chapters, the book revolves around the philosophy of approach towards the restoration of heritage structures and the practice of heritage conservation. An essential part of the book deals with the documentation and analysis of such sensitive structures after which an appropriate design plan can be formulated. 

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7. The Past and Future City by Stephanie Meeks

In The Past and Future City, the author, also the president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, with his factual pieces of writing explains in detail the multiple ways in which conserving and restoring the physical fabric of heritage structures aids local communities and its economy. The book also establishes the many positive notions associated with restoration – affordable housing, sustainable structures and green economy. The book indulges the reader with the past, present and future of American cities. 

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8. Build On: Converted Architecture and Transformed Buildings by L. Feireiss and R. Klanten

The book showcases some of the extraordinary architectural transformations from across the world. A riveting perspective on restoration projects is the creative challenge it offers to make use of existing spaces and add on functional spaces that fit the urban context. On the same note, this book demands the creative exploration of rudimentary concepts of restoration to transform old structures into adaptable urban spaces such as residences and working spas. In conclusion, the readers are made certain of the wide possibilities of tradition and transformation coexisting in a space.

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9. Why Preservation Matters by Max Page 

In this book, the author vehemently shares a substantial need for preserving and restoring iconic structures over time. The book also mentions the preservation movement in the United States and in the author’s opinion, preservation is a multidisciplinary concept that has ties communities, challenges societal systems, and sustains the environment. The author also a Guggenheim Fellowship awardee writes on what lies 50 years ahead for preservation architecture – a much-needed retrospection for urban planners, historians, or anyone with a sliver of interest in history.

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10. Equity in Heritage Conservation: The Case of Ahmedabad, India (Routledge Research in Architectural Conservation and Historic Preservation) by Jigna Desai

A commendable initiative recognized by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the book elaborates on making a culturally sound economy as a result of creating inclusive and safe cities. This book studies the equity in heritage conservation in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Ahmedabad, India, in particular. A perfect amalgamation of text and illustrations, this book highlights the interdependence of communities and historic structures and the demand to constructively navigate through this interdependence to create an equally sustainable economy and the built environment.

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