Architecture is just art we live in

Architecture is not just about what we see today but also about what it could become tomorrow; it is also about what it was yesterday. The architecture process is very much similar to how nature performs, with a simple example of a butterfly. We know it all starts from the tiniest eggs, which then turn into caterpillars, the same form a cocoon to stay in and form a butterfly. The process is so unique but, this happens with architecture too. Every day it is forced to change its way because every day the culture, identity, and thinking of the people change.

The relevance of intervening architecture today - Sheet1
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We as people might think that we have a difficult life because we are living but sometimes, we need to think about man-made living work. Architecture is it. A man designs and constructs the work for the people who live in it and it becomes the place they stay within. The growth of life has not gone unnoticed and people all over the world have noticed a deterioration in aspects of cities. There needs to be a certain quality in the way one lives, but this seems to be fast diminishing. The growth is certainly inevitable or irreversible, however, it could be overseen and controlled.

It is all one to me whether or not a typical western scientist understands or appreciates my work since he will not, in any case, understand the spirit in which I write. Our civilization is characterized by the word ‘progress’. Progress is its form rather than making it one of its features. Typically, it constructs. It is occupied with building an ever more complicated structure. And even clarity is sought only as a means to this end, not as an end in itself. For me on the contrary clarity, perspicuity is valuable in themselves. I am not interested in constructing a building, as much as in having a perspicuous view of the foundations of possible buildings. Ludwig Wittgenstein, Culture and Value (1930)

There is a fine line between good architecture and good thought. To know the true meaning behind a certain interest it is important to not just look at what is seen but to dig what is not. Certainly, there are hidden aspects in every architecture, it is so because of the architect’s vision that may not have been translated just yet to the common man.

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The relevance of intervening architecture ©

Everyone looks at architecture but how many understand the significance behind it. You can be a designer and still not be aware of the intentions behind a certain project. It is more than difficult to catch a glimpse of the correct purpose. Architecture is responsive, it is a medium of communication. It is interpretive and holds dialogue with nature and people and everything that surrounds it. Designers thought to hold value for life and work. No architecture is simple, and because it looks simple, it must be the most complicated the most thought about.

We talk so much about the fact and nature of architecture that the man has created. About how people and the growth is creating an intervention or a paradigm shift in the way architecture functions. But taking a step back and thinking upon our very own existence one will know that we are an intervention in this world. We may not belong here if it was not for god. We are the biggest intervention in the whole aspect of architecture, the creature who made this come into being and are taking it forward.

It is sometimes rather hard to understand our very existence but not so hard to know for a fact that now we are here, and we are the ones making everything change. If we can relate to saying that the changes we make are relevant then, we must also be acceptable to all the changes that are thrown upon us. And then just like the famous quote ‘when life throws lemons at you make lemonade’.

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The relevance of intervening architecture ©

We already know the importance of historical architecture after all the mishaps. But now we also know what the future of architecture could be. It has been possible with the simplest reason today, the pandemic. Architecture now needs to be modified and changed. It is different in the elements and the program, the arrangement of the space. Exceptionally it is the collection of layers that form the reality of the building and its relationship with the surrounding.

We need to be more welcoming to the future, maybe not with open arms but with a new and fresh mindset. It has been hard enough in the world today for architects and, by criticizing negatively and impacting workflow, we are not doing them a favor. High suggestive that the more appreciation we give the more results we would see.


Zoya Hooda an architecture student with a creative passion for writing and design. There is not a single word that could describe her but a combination she is, loving, ambitious and carefree. She is determined towards what she wants. She is not perfect, but she is close.