Pet-Friendly Housing, also called ‘Barkitecture’, is well known for designing spaces for pets. From tying the rope in front of the house to designing a space in the home, humans have become more friendly towards pets; they are considered more valuable than people. They never cheat, never hate, and never judge, so people tend to be with them more. Research says that people with pets are more likely to escape heartaches. From a multi-billionaire to a flower vendor, people gave some space to their pets close to them. There are many factors to consider when designing pet-friendly housing.

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Architecture for Furry Friends

When designing a structure for a common person or an individual, they will list down the basic requirements, but furry friends can’t. Experts and pet owners consider some factors and solutions for their pet housing.

Pawfect Place

For designing a structure, a perfect site is very important. Inside a home, not every space will be pet-friendly; that particular area should be comfortable, calm, and receive natural light. Pets are equal to babies; they should be carefully handled.

Space under the staircase

The space should not be any room that is considered waste because pets don’t want to be alone. Pet-friendly housing should be a part of the room and near the owners. The space should get enough sunlight, and the space should have a life.


A space under the window 

Semi-closed balcony

Pets love to view the outside world more, keeping an eye on the road like a neighbor.

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Furry Fun

After deciding on a place, like designing the interiors, these spaces should be designed properly as well. Humans have their color psychology and emotions, and pets have their own. They will react to certain colors. Yellow, blue, green, and cool colors make them feel good and calm as well. The space should not be filled with many things but with pet-friendly things. Their bed, toys, and medicines should be placed nearby. Simple decor and funny playing stuff will keep them engaged and playful all the time, even when owners are busy. They should feel like a home in a home.

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Healthy environment

As puppies never pee in places they don’t know at the start, every place should be cleaned for their good. In addition to taking care of their bodies, bedspreads, and toys should be cleaned as well to avoid fleas and insects. They should not feel like they have been jailed somewhere; they should be allowed everywhere, and they should have their own space for themselves as well.

Glass furniture, sharp elements, carpets and anything that will harm them should be avoided, particularly in that zone, because, like babies, they love to explore things. They should be carefully monitored when the place is given a balcony, and proper railing and shelter should be placed. A healthy and clean environment will make them feel at home.

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From designing for humans to designing for pets, how beautiful society has become. Humans were considered gods to the pets, as they didn’t have to do all these things to an animal somewhere, but from the olden ages to now, their friendly nature has gotten well versed in designing a space for them to make them feel at home within the four walls.

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